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OpenSuSE MicroOS - KDE Discover asking for User/Admin-Password by running Updates (again and again...)

If you get any policykit issue, by running some software updates over Discover at KDE, even when system patches will be installed, the default installation of OpenSUSE Micro is missing the wheel group, which gots checked by policykit.

I dont recommend to modify / add any rules to policykit, so if you dont want be asked again and again for the user password, simply add the wheel group and your users to that group!

groupadd wheel

OpenSuSE MicroOS Linux - Unlock PIN Yubikey BIO FIDO USB Key

If your FIDO Key gots locked, because the fingerprint was not OK, then its quite easy to unlock the Yubikey FIDO BIO USB Key (if you know it!)

For me, only reset was possible over GUI with yubikey-manager, so the unlock requires shell command!

Install the yubikey-manager package:

OpenSuSE MicroOS OpenGL Virtio Support for WindowsVMs

Its possible, if you know - to use OpenGL Support over Spice at Virt-Manager, e.g. for a WindowsVM Instance.

Just install the following dependencies to the Host:

transactional-update pkg install qemu-ui-spice-core libvirglrenderer1 qemu-ui-opengl 

Podman Compose with OpenSuSE MicroOS - Container Autostart on System-Boot

It is really easy to configure a user-space systemd autostart for Containers on OpenSuSE MicroOS with Podman-Compose.

When your Podman Container YourContainerService is running, then generate the systemd user unit:

podman generate systemd --new YourContainerService > ~/.config/systemd/user/YourContainer.service

Issues with Steam at OpenSuSE MicroOS

Info: This solution is not recommended because of selinux Security - use it at your own Risk!

If you run into the Issue, that Games can not be started finally - then please check if selinux is working correctly:

| For Example Age Of Empires 4, look: HowTo|

  • /var/log/audit/audit.log

Steam with OpenSuSE MicroOS and AgeOfEmpires 4

I recommend to install steams as RPM Package, because then all the dependencies e.g. for Proton Experimental will be installed.

Fell free to use with Flatpak, if thats working fine for you. See Packages list!

These steps I used to run Steam with AMD Radeon Vega System: ASUS Mini PC PN52 BBR959XD - Barebone - Mini-PC - 1 x Ryzen 9 5900HX / 3.3 GHz

Install Steam

DNS Issue K3S + Rancher with OpenSuSE MicroOS

If you run into the issue, that DNS Resolving is not possible with K3S, Rancher, OpenSuSE MicroOS and SELinux enabled:

Please make sure, that the following Settings at K3S SystemD Unit are enabled:

  • /etc/systemd/system/k3s.service
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/k3s \
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Problem: error: process_sign_request2: sshkey_sign: device not found

Problem: error: process_sign_request2: sshkey_sign: device not found

You are using two yubikeys e.g. one OTP Key and a Yubikey BIO with FIDO and want to login over SSH?

This Problem "error: process_sign_request2: sshkey_sign: device not found" occurs by running ssh-askpass for prompting to "touch-required / Fingerprint".

Please plug out the other OTP Yubikey and then the Yubikey BIO with FIDO Auth is working fine for you!