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Last active August 29, 2015 14:07
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catkin build tools performance comparison

Comparing the traditional catkin_make to catkin_make_isolated and catkin build

These aren't incredibly scientific; they're just designed to give me an idea of how the various existing build tools compare with one another. They're tested on the fairly large project I work on at my day job.

Tool catkin_make catkin_make_isolated catkin_tools
Build from scratch 8m2s 12m33s 8m47s
Rebuild, no changes 2s 19s 27s
Touch a cmakelists 52s 41s 59s
Touch a header 2m7s 2m38s 3m6s
Touch cmakelists in leaf package 43s 19s 28s
Touch a source file in leaf package 8s 24s 28s
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