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Last active October 26, 2021 09:02
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Tweets by Andy Ngo found by Twitter to violate copyright

This list tracks tweets posted by right-wing grifter Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) that have been withheld by Twitter because they violate someone else's copyright.

We've also published a more complete list of all videos posted by Ngo, grouped by the screen name of the Twitter user who originally posted the video. Please consider checking that list for your screen names, and if you find media that you've posted there, please consider filing a report to let Twitter know that you do not authorize Ngo's use of your content. If the claim is successful the withheld tweet will appear in the list below the next time we run this report.

Please note that the "original media poster" column may not be the person who filed the copyright complaint. In some cases the content might be withheld because the original poster was also violating copyright law (e.g. Ngo's associate Kitty Shackleford, who appears below as @KittyLists).

Tweet Withheld Media Wayback Machine Original media poster
1195564645962145793 Tweet Photo Archived Unknown
1272208912133971968 Media Photo Archived Unknown
1273861696654729217 Tweet Video Archived tuckwoodstock
1286406849659432962 Media Video Archived Brittany3l
1288014201240162304 Tweet Video Archived Brittany3l
1292043429573046277 Media Photo Archived Unknown
1294747253245005825 Tweet Video Archived LauraJedeed
1295352978916823041 Tweet Video Archived KittyLists
1301016918678147072 Tweet Video Archived KittyLists
1311250241862029312 Tweet Video Archived cdsupriyadi
1312311598636134400 Tweet Video Archived cdsupriyadi
1317012687403057152 Tweet Video Archived KittyLists
1322736747739045894 Tweet Video Archived GriffinMalone6
1322795458377428992 Tweet Video Archived catalinagaitan_
1323827756887535616 Tweet Video Archived catalinagaitan_
1327515781165289472 Tweet Video Archived Claudio_Report
1330026103587573760 Media Photo Archived Unknown
1330949504908947456 Tweet Video Archived coldbrewedtool
1330951850435100675 Tweet Video Archived coldbrewedtool
1331495251559628800 Tweet Video Archived cdsupriyadi
1335082458916728833 Tweet Video Archived jwcroxton
1340761745372172292 Tweet Video Archived Claudio_Report
1360883827212705792 Tweet Video Archived fvckcommies
1365953986545807363 Media Photo Archived Unknown
1371011951820693505 Media Video Archived Tr00peRR
1376277802593452034 Tweet Video Archived Claudio_Repo
1391124802392379392 Media Video Archived NewGranada1979
1411381591079669762 Tweet Video Archived ACatWithNews
1411391998649532418 Tweet Video Archived LCRWnews
1411402874907623426 Tweet Video Archived ACatWithNews
1411406420625428482 Tweet Video Archived LCRWnews
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