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Script to download & install XCode Command Line tools on OSX 10.7 or 10.8. Lifted from jedi4ever/veewee template.
OSX_VERS=$(sw_vers -productVersion | awk -F "." '{print $2}')
# Get Xcode CLI tools
if [ ! -f "$TOOLS" ]; then
if [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 7 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 8 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 9 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 10 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 11 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 12 ]; then
elif [ "$OSX_VERS" -eq 14 ]; then
curl "$DMGURL" -o "$TOOLS"
TMPMOUNT=`/usr/bin/mktemp -d /tmp/clitools.XXXX`
hdiutil attach "$TOOLS" -mountpoint "$TMPMOUNT"
installer -pkg "$(find $TMPMOUNT -name '*.mpkg' -o -name '*.pkg')" -target /
hdiutil detach "$TMPMOUNT"
rm -rf "$TMPMOUNT"
rm "$TOOLS"

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commented Oct 6, 2013

curl -Ls | plutil -convert json -o - - | python -mjson.tool | less

(thank you)


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commented Jan 7, 2014

Thanks for this! But it's only for CLI , is there something for upgrading xcode from command-line too?


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Owner Author

commented Aug 5, 2014

@xbeta: Something like this should do what you want. If you're upgrading, you'll have to make sure to delete the old /Applications/ application bundle first.

As I've since left my last company, those XCode URLs may not work forever, in which case you might want to download them from the App Store and mirror them yourself.

The XCode dmg files were found via an excellent trick from Brian @cunnie at Pivotal Labs. Since XCode is a very large download, you should have enough time to grab it before the App Store app deletes the dmg. Just make sure that you're getting the complete file though! You can use a bash while loop with sleep to poll for the existence of the final download file and then copy it somewhere.

You also might be interested in this great list of official versioned xcode URLs from Ben Chatelain's xcode-installer gem.

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