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Created November 9, 2009 07:15
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#!/usr/bin/env osascript
-- For more info, see
-- Surf Saver 1.0
-- Saves tabs from Safari window to a dated page in VoodooPad, with a timestamp for the link group.
-- format of output is templatable below, defaults to markdown list.
-- Script by Brett Terpstra
-- built off of the amazing Scratchpad scripts by Ian Beck
-- Name of page to append bookmarks to
property _docname : "Brainstorming"
-- Link template, applied per tab retrieved, with a newline automatically added
-- variables are %name and %url
property _template : "* [%name](%url)"
-- property _template : "%name - %url"
-- property _template : "%url - \"%name\""
on append_bookmarks(logText)
-- Init
set shortDate to do shell script "date '+%Y-%m-%d'"
set curDate to "Bookmarks " & shortDate
set prettyDate to do shell script "date '+%A, %B %d, %Y'"
set curTime to do shell script "date '+%l:%M %p'"
-- Check to see if we've got text, ask for it if not
if logText is equal to "" then
return false
end if
-- Find the Scratchpad
set scratchDoc to ""
tell application "VoodooPad Pro"
-- This is the sketchiest stuff, so catch errors
set openDocs to documents
repeat with idx from 1 to number of items in openDocs
set docName to name of item idx of openDocs
if docName contains _docname then
set scratchDoc to item idx of openDocs
exit repeat
end if
end repeat
if scratchDoc is not equal to "" then
set logText to curTime & return & logText & return & "---" & return & return
if not (exists page curDate of scratchDoc) then
tell scratchDoc to create new page with name curDate with content "===== " & prettyDate & " =====" & return & return
tell page curDate of scratchDoc to add category named "bookmarks"
end if
-- Append the log text
tell page curDate of scratchDoc to append text logText
-- Couldn't find the scratchpad
error "Error: Bookmark target is not open"
return false
end if
on error errStr number errNum
error errStr number errNum
end try
end tell
end append_bookmarks
--search and replace function for template
on snr(tofind, toreplace, TheString)
set ditd to text item delimiters
set text item delimiters to tofind
set textItems to text items of TheString
set text item delimiters to toreplace
if (class of TheString is string) then
set res to textItems as string
else -- if (class of TheString is Unicode text) then
set res to textItems as Unicode text
end if
set text item delimiters to ditd
return res
end snr
tell application "Safari"
set tabList to every tab of front window
set urlList to ""
repeat with aTab in tabList
-- set aLink to "* " & name of aTab & " - " & URL of aTab & return
set aLink to _template
set aLink to my snr("%name", name of aTab, aLink)
set aLink to my snr("%url", URL of aTab, aLink)
set urlList to urlList & aLink & return
end repeat
my append_bookmarks(urlList)
end tell
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