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Retrieve a 512 x 512px icon for an iOS app
# encoding: utf-8
# Updated 2017-10-25:
# - Defaults to large size (512)
# - If ImageMagick is installed:
# - rounds the corners (copped from @bradjasper,
# - replace original with rounded version, converting to png if necessary
# Retrieve an iOS app icon at the highest available resolution
# All arguments are combined to create an iTunes search
# The icon for the first result, if found, is written to a filename
# based on search terms
# If ImageMagick is installed (available through Homebrew), rounded
# corners will be added and a transparent PNG will be output.
# example:
# $ itunesicon super monsters ate my condo
%w[net/http open-uri cgi fileutils].each do |filename|
require filename
def find_icon(terms, entity, size)
url = URI.parse("{CGI.escape(terms)}&entity=#{entity}")
res = Net::HTTP.get_response(url).body
match = res.match(/"#{size}":"(.*?)",/)
unless match.nil?
return match[1]
return false
terms = ARGV.join(" ")
entity = "iPadSoftware"
type = "_ipad"
if terms =~ /[\#@](ipad|iphone|mac)/i
if terms =~ /[\#@]iphone/i
entity = "software"
type = "_iphone"
elsif terms =~ /[\#@]mac/i
entity = "macSoftware"
type = "_mac"
terms.gsub!(/[\#@](ipad|iphone|mac)/i, "").gsub!(/\s+/," ")
format = "artworkUrl512"
size = "l"
if terms =~ /~(s(mall)?|m(edium)?|l(arge)?)/i
size = $1[0]
format = case size
when /s(mall)?/ then "artworkUrl60"
when /m(edium)?/ then "artworkUrl100"
else "artworkUrl512"
terms.gsub!(/~(s(mall)?|m(edium)?|l(arge)?)/i, "").gsub!(/\s+/," ")
def magick(filename, size)
i = case size
when /s/ then 60
when /m/ then 100
else 512
rect = "#{i.to_s}x#{i.to_s}"
round = (i * 0.15625 + 3).round.to_s
target = filename.sub(/\.\w+$/,'_round.png')
%x{convert -size #{rect} xc:none -fill white -draw 'roundRectangle 0,0 #{i},#{i} #{round},#{round}' #{filename} -compose SrcIn -composite #{target} &> /dev/null}
if File.exists? target
return filename
return filename
icon_url = find_icon(terms, entity, format)
unless icon_url
puts "Error: failed to locate iTunes url. You may need to adjust your search terms."
url = URI.parse(icon_url)
target = File.expand_path("~/Desktop/"+terms.gsub(/[^a-z0-9]+/i,'_')+"_"+size+"."+icon_url.match(/\.(jpg|png)$/)[1])
open(url) do |f|,'w+') do |file|
target = magick(target,size)
print target
rescue Exception => e
# puts e.backtrace
# p e
puts "Error: failed to save icon."

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vigo commented Jun 10, 2014

super kool! thank you!


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jroes commented Sep 11, 2014

Hi! I've forked a slightly rewritten version that pulls 1136x1136 screenshots for a list of terms:


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touchthedesign commented Sep 19, 2014

Hello, I can't seem to get this working.

After downloading the file, navigating to file directory, making it executable (chmod a+x itunesicon.rb), and attempting to run - 'itunesicon.rb twitter'; I subsequently get this: "-bash: itunesicon.rb: command not found"

Please help!


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bradjasper commented Sep 21, 2014

I've forked this to round the corners in ImageMagick and generate @2x and @3X assets, which I needed for my use case:

Thanks for the snippet @ttscoff


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pkotla commented Jan 15, 2015

@bradjasper Thank you for the tool but i am not getting the rounded icons nor 2x, 3x images. Am i doing anything wrong?


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ttscoff commented Oct 25, 2017

@bradjasper I added a simple version of your code (just adds rounded corners to whatever size was downloaded, converting to png if needed). If ImageMagick isn't installed, it will just silently fail that call and proceed as normal.

Thanks for that!

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