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A note from Allan
Dear Sir/Madam,
Forgive me for this unsolicited (one time) service announcement.
I am writing because you have a TextMate license. If you wish to update to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and are still using TextMate 1.x then you should be aware that some bundle items will fail due to ruby 2.0 now being the default.
Our recommended fix is to upgrade to TextMate 2.0, which is a free¹ update and can be downloaded from — the reason we still label it alpha is mainly because the manual is incomplete.
The preliminary manual is at and we have a dozen or so blog posts about 2.0 features at but you can also email the mailing list or contact support with any questions, see
If you wish to use TextMate 1.x on OS X 10.9 then to fix bundle items that do not work with ruby 2.0 you will need to open the bundle editor and change the first line of the command (called shebang) to the following:
More info about editing commands here
Thanks for your time! Oh… and while I have your attention, if you have any interest in third party desktop email clients then you can help keep them from going extinct, see
Kind regards Allan
¹ Except for users with a MacHeist license, but license requirement for 2.0 is not currently enforced.
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