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Last active May 13, 2021 06:14
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Give it a <link> from Google fonts and get back CSS with fonts embedded
# encoding: utf-8
# Grab google web fonts and embed them as base64 data URIs
# <>
require 'base64'
if ARGV.length > 0
input = ARGV
elsif STDIN.stat.size > 0
input =\n+/)
$stderr.puts "No input"
Process.exit 1
output = ""
input.each {|line|
if line =~ /^\s*<link.*?>\s*$/
url = line.match(/href='(.*?)'/)
if url
css_url = url[1]
$stderr.puts "Error matching url"
css = %x{curl -sS '#{css_url}'}.strip
css.gsub!(/(src: .*?, url\()(.*?)(\) format\(')(.*?)('\);)/).each {|src|
pre = $1
font_url = $2
mid = $3
font_fmt = $4
post = $5
font_ext = font_url.match(/\.(\w+)$/)[1]
font_src = %x{curl -sS '#{font_url}'}
enc = Base64.encode64(font_src).strip.gsub(/\n/,'')
%Q{src:url("data:font/#{font_ext};base64,#{enc}") format('#{font_fmt}');}
output += css + "\n"
$stdout.puts output
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for all windows users. you need to change the quotes to double quotes for curl.

so change line 27 and 36 and instead of curl -sS 'XXXX' use curl -sS "XXX"

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ideaOwl commented Aug 24, 2016

Syntax to run this on Windows, to add on top of @eikaramba's change, is:

ruby font_grabber.rb "<link href=',400,700' rel='stylesheet'>" > fonts.css

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You will want to change to change the regex on line 20 support double quotes.


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