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Last active November 8, 2023 06:42
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Quick reminders from Terminal (bash)
# dontforget
# A stupid script for short term reminders in bash
# Arguments just need to contain a number and a bunch of words.
# The number can be anywhere in the arguments, but there shouldn't
# be any other numeric digits.
# If the number has h, m, or s immediately after it (no space), it will
# be interpreted as hours, minutes, or seconds. The default assumption
# is minutes.
# Save the script as `dontforget` in your path and make it executable
# Usage
# $ dontforget let the dog back inside 10
# => I'll remind you: "let the dog back inside" in 10 minutes
# It can parse a little extra verbosity around the text, too
# $ dontforget to let my dog back inside in 10m
# => I'll remind you: "let your dog back inside" in 10 minutes
# $ dontforget I really need to take a break in 1h
# I'll remind you: "you really need to take a break" in 60 minutes
# Running dontforget with no arguments will list upcoming reminders
# Use `dontforget cancel` or `dontforget nevermind` to cancel the last
# reminder that was created
# $ dontforget cancel
# Canceled "you really need to take a break"
# To turn on LaunchBar "large text" display
# export DF_LAUNCHBAR=true
# To make dontforget remain in the foreground and cancelable with ^c
# export DF_NO_BACKGROUND=true
# Tip:
# alias forget="dontforget cancel"
__df() {
if [[ $# == 0 ]]; then
if [[ $# == 1 && $1 =~ (cancel|nevermind) ]]; then
return $?
local timespan reminder
for arg in $@; do
# e.g. 3:30pm, 10am -- parse as date
if [[ $arg =~ ^[0-9][0-9]?(:[0-9][0-9])?(a|p)m?$ && -z $timespan ]]; then
# ensure meridian (2a = 2am)
arg=$(echo "$arg"|sed -E 's/m?$/m/')
timespan=$(__df_parse_date $arg)
# e.g. 1h or 30m -- parse as interval
elif [[ $arg =~ ^[0-9]+[hms]?$ && -z $timespan ]]; then
timespan=$(echo "$arg"|sed -E 's/^([0-9]+)([HhSsMm])?$/\1 \2/')
# Assume part of reminder string
reminder+=" $arg"
length=${timespan%% *}
unit=${timespan#* }
if [[ $unit == "h" ]]; then
elif [[ $unit != "s" ]]; then
reminder=$(__df_clean_reminder "$reminder")
# echo "I'll remind you: \"$reminder\" in $(($length/60)) minutes"
echo "I'll remind you: \"$reminder\" in $(__df_show_time $length)"
if [[ $DF_NO_BACKGROUND == true ]]; then
sleep $length && __df_remind "$reminder"
sleep $length && __df_remind "$reminder" &
__df_parse_date() {
TIMESTAMP=$(ruby -rtime -e "puts Time.parse('$1').strftime('%s')")
NOW=$(date '+%s')
echo "$(($TIMESTAMP-$NOW)) s"
__df_list_reminders() {
IFS=$'\n'; for line in $(ps ax | grep -E "bash .*?dontforget \w+" | grep -v grep); do echo $(__df_clean_reminder $(echo "$line" | sed -E 's/.*dontforget //')); done
__df_remind() {
local reminder="$*"
if [[ -n $(ps ax | grep && $DF_LAUNCHBAR == true ]]; then
osascript -e "tell application \"LaunchBar\" to display in large type \"Time to $reminder\" with sound \"Glass\""
osascript -e "display dialog \"Time to $reminder\""
/usr/bin/afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff
say "$reminder"
__df_clean_reminder() {
local input="$*"
# trim whitespace
input=$(echo -e "$input" | sed -E 's/(^ *| *$)//g') | tr -s ' '
# change " I " to " you "
input=$(echo -e "$input" | sed -E 's/(^| +)[Ii]( +|$)/\1you\2/g')
# change " my " to " your "
input=$(echo -e "$input" | sed -E 's/(^| +)[Mm]y( +|$)/\1your\2/g')
# strip leading "forget" in case you alias to dont, i.e. "dont forget to..."
input=$(echo -e "$input" | sed -E 's/^ *forget//')
# strip extra words from natural language
local output=$(__df_strip_naturals "$input")
# final whitespace trim
echo -e "$output" | sed -E 's/(^ *| *$)//g' | tr -s ' '
__df_strip_naturals() {
local original=$(echo "$*"|sed -E 's/^( *remind me *)//')
while [[ "$original" =~ ^[[:space:]]*(to|in|about|at) ]]; do
original=$(echo "$original"| sed -E 's/^ *(to|in|about|at) *//g')
[[ "$original" =~ in[[:space:]]*$ ]] && original=$(echo "$original"| sed -E 's/ *in *$//')
# [[ "$original" =~ at[[:space:]]*$ ]] && original=$(echo "$original"| sed -E 's/ *at *$//')
echo $original | sed -E 's/(^ *| *$)//g'
__df_show_time () {
local num=$1
local sec=0
local min=0
local hour=0
local day=0
local output=""
if ((num>59)); then
if ((sec>0)); then
output="${sec} $(__df_pluralize $sec second) $output"
if((num>59)); then
if ((min>0)); then
output="${min} $(__df_pluralize $min minute) $output"
if((num>23)); then
if ((hour>0)); then
output="${hour} $(__df_pluralize $hour hour) $output"
if ((day>0)); then
output="${day} $(__df_pluralize $day day) $output"
output="${hour} $(__df_pluralize $hour hour) $output"
output="${min} $(__df_pluralize $min minute) $output"
output="${sec} $(__df_pluralize $sec sec) $output"
echo $output
__df_pluralize() {
if (($1>1)); then
echo "${2}s"
echo $2
__df_cancel() {
local df_job=$(ps ax | grep dontforget | grep -v grep | grep -v cancel | grep -v nevermind | tail -n 1)
if [[ -z $df_job || $df_job == "" ]]; then
echo "No timer found"
return 1
local pid=$(echo "$df_job" | awk '{print $1}')
kill $pid
local title=$(echo "$df_job" | sed -E 's/.*dontforget (.*)$/\1/')
echo "Canceled \"$(__df_clean_reminder "$title")\""
__df $@
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pendashteh commented Aug 12, 2017

Excellent! And impressive. Haven't gone through the code yet. I'm leaving a reminder to myself to do so tomorrow ;)
P.S. Wonder wether it recognises 1d or not!


  1. Ok, I tried 1d and didn't work and I used 24h and of course it did.
  2. I noticed a tiny bug! I used dontforget in the description and it trimmed it and everything before it!
~/dev/apps/dontforget [global_reporistory__master]$ ./dontforget.bash to look at dontforget source code in 1d
./dontforget.bash: line 75: *60: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "*60")
~/dev/apps/dontforget [global_reporistory__master]$ ./dontforget.bash to look at dontforget source code in 24h
I'll remind you: "look at dontforget source code" in 1440 minutes
~/dev/apps/dontforget [global_reporistory__master]$ ./dontforget.bash 
source code in 24h

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tl87 commented Sep 25, 2017

You could change say "$reminder" on line 97 to notify-send Test "$reminder"

Then reminders would be posted as a notification:

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