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tullyhansen / John Howard unwinds
Created Oct 13, 2015
Apropos the John Howard Walk of Wonder, some short fiction of mine from 2007.
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With three weeks to go until the election, John Howard made the mistake of allowing himself to unwind in public.
He set out well enough, striding from Kirribilli in the early hours of the day resplendent in green and gold. Here, it seemed, was a man to lead the nation, a go-getter, one who had well and truly carped the diem. Here was Howard, the early bird set to wrest the worm of high office from a Labor party prone to parroting the PM on matters of policy. The sun had risen on a glorious Saturday and interest rates were yet to, so Howard had every reason to be happy. The latest polls had him just twelve percent behind on a two-party preferred basis, so he was claiming that as a victory as well. The new day held promise. His cheerful mood trickled down through his entourage of minders and media, like some benevolent pyramid scheme of happiness and good humour.
But as he barrelled past the solitary protester stationed outside his property, bleating plaintively for a halt to the live export trade, it was cle
tullyhansen /
Created Jul 30, 2015
My first Python code (2008-12-16)
import random, time
dice_superlatives = ['laughable','shoddy','poor','pretty weak','below average','mediocre','reasonable','pretty good','handsome','superlative','outstanding']
result_list = []
player_count = 0
# TO DO - handle negative or 0 players
def preroll(player_num): # Handles selecting number of players
player_num = raw_input("Choose number of players:")
tullyhansen / TypeAndStrike
Created Apr 13, 2015
Word 2011-compatible macro for baking in tracked changes as formatted text, after
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Sub TypeAndStrike()
' Converts tracked revisions in the active document into "type and Strike " format."
' It removes all tracked revisions.
' written by Chip Orange.
Dim chgAdd As Word.Revision
' disable tracked revisions.
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Okay so here's the thing I'm going to try and clearly and unselfconsciously narrates through my deck of slides in the hopes that I'll end up with the bones of the speech that I can present tomorrow morning so thank you to the emerging writers Festival and two, for inviting me along to speak on what is a niche of a niche in the very small section of the literary and online community that thinks that comprises the people who are a on twitter be interested in robots and see you intend on doing something about so her
about year or so I've been pursuing an interest in what generally has become known as twitter bot our this my contribution to the field has been to set up an account under the name of boss Ally and over the months but Ally has followed sort out and follow a large number of automated accounts on now but allied himself or herself is relatively rudimentary box and it will retweet at intervals from bots that follows takes its name from
If you had any experience with twitter bots often most people thei
tullyhansen / gist:7621632
Last active Mar 11, 2021
Draft spec 0.3 for a bot taxonomy (see also #botALLY
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# Towards a Taxonomy of Twitter Bots
## Intro
- towards a definition - autonomous non-human agents on Twitter
- critical thinking - MECE, rabbit rule, holding hands
- patterns of behaviour, rather than content
- Twitter largely a textual medium
- crossover between two broadest categories (automated/event-driven), but largely one or the other (maybe?)
- some bots will exhibit both behaviours (active/reactive), but tend to favour one (most commonly, tweeters will also exhibit conversationalist behaviours)
tullyhansen / #bots 2013-09-30-18-26
Created Oct 1, 2013
All the bots (?) followed by @botALLY as at 2013-09-30, 18:26. Painstakingly reformatted manually so that you don't have to programmatically.
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tullyhansen / @MelbGameCo
Last active Dec 24, 2015
The code behind @MelbGameCo. Name parts from actual Melbourne developers/studios at and; suburbs from; output Twitterfied using
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on chooseItem(listToChooseFrom)
set littleRandomNumber to random number from 1 to (count items in listToChooseFrom)
return item littleRandomNumber of listToChooseFrom
end chooseItem
on videoGameNameMe()
-- 16 chars: attribution (RT @MelbGameCo: )
-- 43 chars: gamename (max: Walk Through The Unbelievable Entertainment)
-- 81 chars: extra matter
set columnX to ["3 ", "Angry ", "Barrel of ", "Bomba", "Braw", "Comicorp ", "Current ", "Fire", "Fraktal", "Gamers ", "Klick", "League of ", "Ludo ", "Lycette ", "Mesmer ", "Milli", "Ninth ", "Pixel ", "Play", "Play", "Red ", "Robot ", "Space ", "Straight ", "Synthetic ", "Touch My ", "True ", "Two ", "Walk Through The ", "Wicked ", "Wizzle ", "Big ", "Blup Blup ", "Electric ", "Iron", "Kingdom ", "Screw", "Space ", "Dancing ", "Drop ", "Cup", "Fool", "Grapple ", "Pixel", "Sector", "Third ", "Tin ", "Three ", "Twisted ", "Play", "Good ", "Many ", "Mind ", "Shadow ", "The ", "League of ", "Fire"]