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brokaw /
Last active Apr 9, 2021
A BBEdit text filter to prettify JSON.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# A text filter for BBEdit. If it encounters a JSON error, it writes an error message
# to stderr (appears in a new BBEdit window) and leaves the original text unaltered.
# c.f.
# c.f.
import json
import sys
def main():
alirobe / reclaimWindows10.ps1
Last active Jun 23, 2021
This Windows 10 Setup Script turns off a bunch of unnecessary Windows 10 telemetery, bloatware, & privacy things. Not guaranteed to catch everything. Review and tweak before running. Reboot after running. Scripts for reversing are included and commented. Fork of (different defaults). N.…
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# Tweaked Win10 Initial Setup Script
# Primary Author: Disassembler <>
# Modified by: alirobe <> based on my personal preferences.
# Version: 2.20.2, 2018-09-14
# Primary Author Source:
# Tweaked Source:
# Tweak difference:
# @alirobe's version is a subset focused on safely disabling telemetry, some 'smart' features and 3rd party bloat ...
alexwlchan /
Created Dec 10, 2015
drangReader – Python scripts for a simple RSS reader


This is a set of scripts for aggregating RSS feeds. It's based on a script originally written by Dr. Drang:


Download all the files from this Gist. Put them all in a directory, create a virtualenv and install requirements:

coleww / gist:870d22d05ad57633b635
Created Jul 28, 2015
108 one word tweets that i found in like maybe an hour of letting "statuses/sample" run
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sjourdan / The Operations Report
Last active Jul 22, 2020
The Operations Report Card
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The Operations Report Card


Public Facing Practices

  1. Are user requests tracked via a ticket system?
  2. Are "the 3 empowering policies" defined and published?
  3. Does the team record monthly metrics?
rmondello / gist:b933231b1fcc83a7db0b
Created Jan 7, 2015
Exporting (iCloud) Keychain and Safari credentials to a CSV file
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Exporting (iCloud) Keychain and Safari credentials to a CSV file

After my dad died, I wanted to be able to have access any of his online accounts going forward. My dad was a Safari user and used iCloud Keychain to sync his credentials across his devices. I don’t want to have to keep an OS X user account around just to access his accounts, so I wanted to export his credentials to a portable file.

This is the process I used to create a CSV file of his credentials in the format “,user,pass”. This portable format would be pretty easy to import into 1Password or Safari in the future.

The way I went about this isn’t great; it opens up more opportunities for apps to control one’s Mac through Accessibility APIs, it writes plaintext passwords to disk, and it could use some cleaning up. A better approach might leverage the security command line tool that ships with OS X. That said, I found this method to be a fun illustration of what’s possible us


#botally code of conduct

based on the #nodejs code of conduct by @izs

tl;dr If you’re a mean butt you get kicked out. This is not negotiable.

  • Sexist, heteronormative, racist, and other offensive remarks are not allowed. (Cursing is allowed, but never targeting another user, and never in a hateful or sexually explicit manner.)
  • Remarks that make any of the ops go “Hm, that’s inappropriate”, whether on the above list or not: also not allowed.
  • You get a warning.
  • If the warning is not taken seriously, you might get a second sterner warning in PM, if you’re lucky, and the op is feeling generous, and this is the first time. But don’t count on that.
caseywatts /
Last active Jun 18, 2021
Making Bookmarklets

This is one chapter of my "Chrome Extension Workshops" tutorial, see the rest here:

Unrelated update: my book is out! Debugging Your Brain is an applied psychology / self-help book

Making Bookmarklets

I'm feeling very clever. I've got this sweet line of javascript that replaces "cloud" with "butt". My mom would LOVE this, but she doesn't computer very well. I'm afraid to show her the Developer Console and have her type/paste this in. But she IS pretty good at bookmarks, she knows just how to click those!

A bookmark normally takes you to a new web page. A bookmarklet is a bookmark that runs javascript on the current page instead of taking you to a new page. To declare that it is a bookmarklet, the "location" it points to starts with javascript:.

minikomi /
Created Sep 8, 2014
get all urls mentioned in a slack channel for dump to txt
import requests
import json
import re
baseurl = ""
token = "ur_token_plz"
channel = "C029WAA59"
urlregex = re.compile("<(http[s]{0,1}:\/\/.+?)>")
def scrapelinks(latest=""):