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Tuğcan Karabörk tuucan

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const createLogger = (backgroundColor, color) => {
const logger = (message, ...args) => {
if (logger.enabled === false) {
`background-color: ${backgroundColor}; color: ${color}; padding: 2px 4px;`,
gbero / fish_shell_android_home.txt
Last active March 24, 2023 08:00
Export $ANDROID_HOME on MacOS with Fish shell
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touch ~/.config/fish/;
echo "set --export ANDROID $HOME/Library/Android;" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set --export ANDROID_HOME $ANDROID/sdk;" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set -gx PATH $ANDROID_HOME/tools $PATH;" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set -gx PATH $ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin $PATH;" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set -gx PATH $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools $PATH;" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set -gx PATH $ANDROID_HOME/emulator $PATH" >> ~/.config/fish/
echo "set --export JAVA_HOME /Applications/Android\;" >> ~/.config/fish/
scokmen / HttpStatusCode.ts
Created April 25, 2017 11:10
Typescript Http Status Codes Enum
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"use strict";
* Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes.
* @see {@link}
enum HttpStatusCode {
* The server has received the request headers and the client should proceed to send the request body
cmawhorter / proxy.js
Created June 26, 2014 05:36
Node script to forward all http requests to another server and return the response with an access-control-allow-origin header. Follows redirects.
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// Simple proxy/forwarding server for when you don't want to have to add CORS during development.
// Usage: node proxy.js
// Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:9100/[url]
// Example: http://localhost:9100/
// This is *NOT* for anything outside local development. It has zero error handling among other glaring problems.
// This started as code I grabbed from this SO question: