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‪“‬In what way is JS any more maintainable than CSS? How does writing CSS in JS make it any more maintainable?”

‪Happy to chat about this. There’s an obvious disclaimer that there’s a cost to css-in-js solutions, but that cost is paid specifically for the benefits it brings; as such it’s useful for some usecases, and not meant as a replacement for all workflows. ‬

‪(These conversations always get heated on twitter, so please believe that I’m here to converse, not to convince. In return, I promise to listen to you too and change my opinions; I’ve had mad respect for you for years and would consider your feedback a gift. Also, some of the stuff I’m writing might seem obvious to you; I’m not trying to tell you if all people of some of the details, but it might be useful to someone else who bumps into this who doesn’t have context)‬

So the big deal about css-in-js (cij) is selectors.

ericclemmons /
Last active Feb 10, 2020
HTML5 <details> in GitHub

Using <details> in GitHub

Suppose you're opening an issue and there's a lot noisey logs that may be useful.

Rather than wrecking readability, wrap it in a <details> tag!

 <summary>Summary Goes Here</summary>
tdack /
Created Jun 12, 2016
Custom handlebars helpers for Ghost, as an app
Avaq / combinators.js
Last active Feb 14, 2020
Common combinators in JavaScript
View combinators.js
const I = x => x;
const K = x => y => x;
const A = f => x => f(x);
const T = x => f => f(x);
const W = f => x => f(x)(x);
const C = f => y => x => f(x)(y);
const B = f => g => x => f(g(x));
const S = f => g => x => f(x)(g(x));
const P = f => g => x => y => f(g(x))(g(y));
const Y = f => (g => g(g))(g => f(x => g(g)(x)));
gauntface / toggle-remote-styles.js
Last active Aug 23, 2019
A book marklet to toggle styles.
View toggle-remote-styles.js
javascript:(function(){var styles = document.querySelectorAll('link[rel=\'stylesheet\']'); for (var s = 0; s < styles.length; s++) {styles[s].mediax = styles[s].media;if (styles[s].media === 'only x') { styles[s].media = styles[s].mediax; } else if (styles[s].media !== 'print') {styles[s].media = 'only x';}}})();
mrmrs / github-display-none.css
Last active Nov 2, 2019
Single purpose rulesets to set an element to display none from githubs production css
View github-display-none.css
.table-list-triage {
display: none;
.triage-mode .table-list-non-triage, .triage-mode .table-list-filters {
display: none;
.boxed-group-list>li.approved .btn-sm, .boxed-group-list>li.rejected .btn-sm {
display: none;
.repo-list .participation-graph.disabled {
Vestride /
Last active Feb 18, 2020
Encoding video for the web

Encoding Video


Install FFmpeg with homebrew. You'll need to install it with a couple flags for webm and the AAC audio codec.

brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis --with-fdk-aac --with-opus
bendc / functional-utils.js
Last active Dec 1, 2019
A set of pure ES2015 functions aimed to make functional JavaScript more idiomatic.
View functional-utils.js
// array utils
// =================================================================================================
const combine = (...arrays) => [].concat(...arrays);
const compact = arr => arr.filter(Boolean);
const contains = (() => Array.prototype.includes
? (arr, value) => arr.includes(value)
: (arr, value) => arr.some(el => el === value)
jonathansampson / valueAsNumber.js
Created Aug 4, 2014
`valueAsNumber` shim for Internet Explorer 11
View valueAsNumber.js
(function () {
/* Internet Explorer 11 may have trouble retrieving the number type
of an input value. This short script performs a quick test, and repairs
the functionality if necessary. Load before attempting to use the
`valueAsNumber` property on input elements. */
"use strict";
var a = document.createElement( "input" );
benedfit / _critical.scss
Last active Jun 7, 2018
Critical CSS using Sass and Jekyll
View _critical.scss
$critical-css-only:true !default;
@mixin critical($critical-only:true){
@if (($critical-css-only and $critical-only) or (not $critical-css-only and not $critical-only)){
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