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Last active Jan 13, 2017
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Tagging Docker images and deploying with Dokku

Deploying Tags in Dokku

Dokku is an tiny open source PAAS. Pulling and tagging existing images isn't a directly supported feature inside Dokku, so you must use Docker to first pull a tag the image.

  • Use Docker to login to Docker Hub if the repo isn't public
$ sudo docker -u <dockerhub_username>

Note: -p is only used when passing the password in line

  • Pull the image from Docker Hub
$ sudo docker pull <organization/image_name>:<version_tag>
  • Dokku manages containers assuming the organization (the prepended name before the /) is dokku. You need to prepend your images with dokku/ after pulling and remove the organization or replace the second / with a -.
$ sudo docker tag <organization/image_name>:<version_tag> dokku/<organization>-<image_name>:<version_tag>
  • Dokku works in an app paradigm, instead of containers. First Dokku step is to create the new app (if this is the first deploy):
$ sudo dokku apps:create <app_name>

Note: Do not use / in the name of the app, use - instead if required.

  • Your Dokku tagged Docker images (from here on out, known as apps) should now be visible inside Dokku:
$ dokku tags <app_name>
  • You should now be able to deploy you application based on the tag you would like deployed.
$ sudo dokku tags:deploy <app_name> <version_tag>

Gotcha: Listen ports are specified by the image, you can change these at the image level or via Dokku's proxy sub-command.

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