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Justin Clark u2mejc

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u2mejc /
Created Feb 25, 2022
Fix Chromium White Space Bug


  • When running Kubuntu with Chromium installed via snap, I noticed that text
    white spacing was very wide.
  • This will cause website to render wrong, clipping text off page, moving other DOM objects, and generally being hard to read.


  • Chrominum fonts settings show it's set to "Custom" fonts
  • TrueType fonts (Times New Roman, etc) appear to be missing
u2mejc / overland_checklist.txt
Created Aug 1, 2018
This is a personal list of things I'll usually be carrying when overlanding
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This is my permanent list of things to carry during complete isolation on
trails like the Rubicon. Places like Pismo and OHV parks; I usually pack
lighter since it's easier to get to the road and onto a tow truck, compared to
when I'm in isolation.
I've relied on the bare essentials in the past but it's obvious that I need to
carry more now that I'm driving further off road. So to that extent I'm buying
more tools so I don't have to keep moving mine back and forth from my garage.
### Tools for toolbox / bag ###
u2mejc / Live Resize EBS back LVM
Last active Jun 22, 2018
How to resize Ubuntu 16.04LTS EBS backed LVM volume live, in two commands!
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# Check the usually suspects before you resize
df -h # Show file systems and their current space
lsblk # show block devices and file systems (do this again after resizing the EBS volume)
sudo pvscan # show physical drives
sudo lvscan # show logical volumes
# Now after you have resized the EBS volumes (you can do this in the console or CLI), the two magic commands:
sudo pvresize </dev/DEVICE> # Resize physical volume(s)
sudo lvextend -r -l +100%FREE <LogicalVolume[Path]>
u2mejc /
Last active Jan 13, 2017
Tagging Docker images and deploying with Dokku

Deploying Tags in Dokku

Dokku is an tiny open source PAAS. Pulling and tagging existing images isn't a directly supported feature inside Dokku, so you must use Docker to first pull a tag the image.

  • Use Docker to login to Docker Hub if the repo isn't public
$ sudo docker -u <dockerhub_username>

Note: -p is only used when passing the password in line

  • Pull the image from Docker Hub
View OpsWorks Stack RGB Color Cheat Sheet
OpsWorks stack RGB color value reference, with closest possible english names that I could think of.
For use in CLI or other non GUI tools like Terraform.
Cosmic Purple : rgb(135, 61, 98)
Purple: rgb(111, 86, 163)
Blue: rgb(45, 114, 184)
Teal: rgb(38, 146, 168)
Green: rgb(57, 131, 94)
Olive Drab: rgb(100, 131, 57)
Mustard yellow (golden): rgb(184, 133, 46)
/* Terraform template to reproduce OpsWorks Stack bug
- copy this file to empty dir and cd into dir
$ terrafrom -version
Terraform v0.6.14
$ terrafrom apply
/* Terraform template to reproduce OpsWorks Stack bug
- copy this file to empty dir and cd into dir
$ terrafrom -version
Terraform v0.6.14
$ terrafrom apply
u2mejc / 03_papertrail_hostname.config
Created Oct 8, 2015
Running Papertrail in Elastic Beanstalk with multiple instances (hosts)
View 03_papertrail_hostname.config
# Add an Environment Property of PAPERTRAIL_HOSTNAME and set the value to nextkillerapp-$HOSTNAME
command: "eval export PAPERTRAIL_HOSTNAME=$PAPERTRAIL_HOSTNAME && sed -i \"s/.*hostname:.*/hostname: $PAPERTRAIL_HOSTNAME/\" /etc/log_files.yml"
test: test -e /etc/log_files.yml
ignoreErrors: false