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This is a personal list of things I'll usually be carrying when overlanding
This is my permanent list of things to carry during complete isolation on
trails like the Rubicon. Places like Pismo and OHV parks; I usually pack
lighter since it's easier to get to the road and onto a tow truck, compared to
when I'm in isolation.
I've relied on the bare essentials in the past but it's obvious that I need to
carry more now that I'm driving further off road. So to that extent I'm buying
more tools so I don't have to keep moving mine back and forth from my garage.
### Tools for toolbox / bag ###
- Set of SAE and metric ratcheting box wrenches
- 2 crescent Wrenches
- Philips and flathead screw drivers
- Heavy monkey wrench (Could be handy as a weapon too)
- Small pic and spanner tool for snap rings
- B.F.H. (That's a big hammer)
- Spindle nut socket (Dana 44 & 23)
- 1/4 and 3/8 inch ratchet sets
- 1/2 inch ratchet or 3/8 to 1/2 adapter
- Gator socket for ratchet (amazing tool!)
- Few larger SAE and metric sockets (for things like pinion nuts)
- SAE and metric deep socket set
- SAE Allen Key set
- One punch and one chisel
- Air Compressor and gauge
- Jumper Cables
- Knife and box cutter
- Recovery strap and shackle (avoid tow straps with lethal metal hooks)
- Pitman arm puller
- bottle jack and lug wrench
- Wood plank (For jack, to throw under tire, or change a ujoint)
- CB and/or HAM radio and antenna
- Duct Tape
- Small pry bar
- Shop Manuals
- Rags
- Hitch pin
- C clamp (Compress the disc brakes)
- Pliers (slip joint and needle nose)
- T10 and T15 Torx screw drivers
- Work Gloves
- Fire Extinguisher (check charge)
- Locking chest and cargo straps to keep it all in
- High-lift
- Valve Stem puller / repair tool
- Tire bleeders (stem puller only is fine too)
- Puncher repair kit
- Shovel
- Dielectric grease (small)
- Safety glasses
- Extendable magnet
- Large Tarp
- Welding rods 7018 or like
- Long zip ties
- Locking pliers (needle node type for clamping hoses)
- Electric tape
- Choker chain
- Spare ratchet straps
- Spill kit
- Chainsaw
### Spare Parts ###
- Axle yokes
- Spare TRE(s) and pitman arm
- Spare Tire
- Lock out hub or slug
- Front wheel bearings
- Spare serpentine belt
- Spare axle shafts front and rear
- Wheel valves and stems
- Spare u-joints (axle and driveshaft)
- Complete ignition system, from coil to plugs
- Ford TFI ignition module and tool
- Steering gear box and spare sector shaft
- Fuel Filter
- Air Filter
- Ball joints (upper and lower pair) with nuts
- Assorted bolts (metric and SAE)
- Fuel pump
- Electrical wire
### Fluids / chemicals ###
- 1min RTV (buy fresh every 12 months)
- 6 Gal. Water (or 1 Gal a day if your drinking beers)
- Sealed Oil 10-30W, couple Qts minimum
- Sealed Power steering with leak stopper
- Sealed Dot 3 Brake Fluid (Doubles for clutch too)
- Sealed Gear Oil
- Sealed Tranny / T-Case ATF (Mercon)
- WD-40
- Biodegradable soap
- High temp disc bearing grease
- Radiator stop leak
- Gas tank repair kit
### Creature Comforts ###
- Meals and snacks for on the road
- Clothes (including water proof and cold weather year round)
- Hat, sun glasses, sun block
- Blankets, a warm sleeping bag, sleeping pad
- Folding chair
- Bottle opener
- Matches or lighter
- Camera with charged batteries
- Roll of TP and wet wipes
- Toilet and wag bags
- Tent
- Sleeping Cot
- Stove with gas or BBQ with charcoal
- Cooking pan with spatula
- Plates, utensils and paper towels
- Dish wash bin (can be used to collecting leaks too)
- Swim towel
- Flashlight with good batteries
- Trash bags
- Inverter and chargers
So if you didn't catch it, this is also my personal check list and I'll keep
updating it as such. ... I'm sure I'm forgetting something, what do you carry?
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