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Common Sense Balancing Standard (CSBS)

  • No ore tripling, quadrupling, quintupling, etc. Ever.
    • The absolute limit on ore multiplication is 2.6 ingots per ore block, with typical gains being closer to 1.6.
  • A single block can never store more than 36 stacks of items, even when it's part of a multiblock structure.
  • Furnace-burning fuels should produce no more than 30RF per furnace fuel tick.
    • It can produce this as slowly or as quickly as you want.
  • Wireless interactions are permissible, and a trivial wireless implementation generally performs well.
    • However, well-designed network-topography-aware systems (i.e. wires) often outstrip the performance of wireless systems, and occasionally even dumb cellular systems do. More importantly, wireless is unsatisfying gameplay.
  • Time is not a balancing mechanic.