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image resize in github flavored markdown.

Image source

Try resize it!

  • ![]( | width=100)

  • ![]( =250x250)

  • ![](

    • Copy <img> in browser DevTools. Replace ![](url) to <img>. Add width(and height) attr.
    • <img src="" data-canonical-src="" width="200" height="400" />

Other information

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sebaptcd commented Jan 3, 2023

Great info, worked for me!

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SuayMack commented Jan 5, 2023

Thank You!

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gforien commented Jan 11, 2023

Thank you !!
![alt|500](https://image.png) or simply ![|500](https://image.png) worked for me in Obsidian

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asgar72 commented Jun 7, 2023

Github doesn't apply the style attribute but obeys the width and height. So for github you can use the following HTML tag directly in the markdown:

<img src="url" alt="alt text" width="whatever" height="whatever">


Thanks bro that's worked

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thanks brdr

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dideler commented Sep 5, 2023

Everyone, please just use the HTML img tag with src and width attributes. Bonus if using alt and title for accessibility.

It is simple, understandable, works in every Markdown engine, and is practically what Markdown's ![]() compiles to.

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But anybody knows how to make them responsive? I applied both width and height in my profile's README and it works great on my desktop but looks so bad on my phone.

Yes, I could just take out the height attribute but you actually need them both to avoid CLS -cumulative layout shift, which is why I added the attributes to begin with.

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dirkk0 commented Oct 11, 2023

@igorskyflyer not sure if you can inject css files, but if you can, you could try css variables with media queries.

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The style attribute gets stripped out...

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dafurman commented Apr 9, 2024

I found myself referring to this gist a lot over the years for the sake of reducing the size of gigantic images when I put them in PR descriptions, so I've turned this into a simple Shortcut:

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When you upload or copy/paste a raw image, github markdown will put in the rendered img tag the style max-width: 100%, so, it's mandatory to add the width and the height attributes for the img tag, any other thing will be removed by the renderer, so, only replacing the markdown with the img html tag adding the width and height will work.

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