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Last active Jan 6, 2019

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Joint Pak 2

Main Installation

  1. Install the standalone version that contains the old machine translation. This is a standalone version so install it to its own folder outside of Program Files.
  2. Start the game and check for Patch 2.09 Fix 2 in the lower left corner of the main menu.
  3. Install the English translation 1.03 from achillesdave for 2.09 fix 2.

The game is fully installed at this point and you can play it as is.

Optional Mods

Some of the optional installs may cause slowdowns on older machines, so try them and back out if they're too slow.

Useful links


This is a very difficult mod, so it is strongly recommended to start at Stalker difficulty and not Master. Stalker in OP-2 is more difficult than Master in most mods. Start on Stalker unless you're a hardened NS/DMX/Joint Pak veteran - go up to Veteran difficulty and then Master once you've got very good gear and want to retain the challenge.


OP-2 has save and load helper keys in the main menu. Press S in the main menu to create a named save, L to load the last save. S will save and drop you back in the game, so ESC S is a quick way to create a unique, named save and far better than using quicksave.

Use this! It's good to keep multiple saves in this game. Keep an old save from the last couple levels to be safe, the game is 100s of hours long and you may want to roll back.


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sebob2491 commented Jan 18, 2017

You do realize if you use mega then you easily go over the limit for downloads just trying to install this without getting a mega sub. That's kinda dumb, please change the file download location.


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Nolhain commented Jan 21, 2017

Get a quality and free VPN and change your IP = continue downloading. A bit of creativity goes a long way : P

P.S.: you don't need the base game as the big Mega download contains the game with the mod : )


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bisousbisous commented Jun 26, 2017


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