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yorickdowne /
Last active December 1, 2023 20:19
Great and less great SSDs for Ethereum nodes


Syncing an Ethereum node is largely reliant on IOPS, I/O Per Second. Budget SSDs will struggle to an extent, and some won't be able to sync at all.

This document aims to snapshot some known good and known bad models.

For size, 2TB come recommended as of mid-2022. 1TB can work for now but is getting tight.

High-level, QLC and DRAMless are far slower than "mainstream" SSDs.

krisnod / gist:56ff894f400cce7c742fb11fb2fde9cf
Last active April 6, 2022 18:46
RancherOS on Hetzner using software RAID (RAID 1)
View gist:56ff894f400cce7c742fb11fb2fde9cf
* Activate Hetzner Rescue System (Debian)
* Connect to Hetzner Rescue System using SSH and live boot RancherOS
(thanks goes to William Fleurant for showing how this can be done:
* apt-get update
* apt-get install kexec-tools aria2
skanev /
Last active January 12, 2023 19:13
Syntax Highlight in Git Diff

Hacky syntax highlighting in git diff

Normally git diff would color additions green and deletions red. This is cool, but it would be even cooler if it adds syntax highlighting to those lines. This is a git pager that does so.

It parses the diff output and picks up the SHAs of files with additions and deletions. It uses [CodeRay][coderay] to highlight each file and then it extracts the lines that are shown in the diff. It then uses [term/ansicolor][color] to make a gradient from the CodeRay color and the diff color (red for deletion, green for addition) and uses it to replace the original.

I tried using rugged instead of shelling out to git show – it was faster overall, but it did incur a noticeable start up time.

Check out the image below for a demo.