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ATLRUG Nerd Club

What: No formal presentations; Just hang out with ATLRUG members and hack on cool stuff together

When: Thursday, January 17th, at 7:00 pm until whenever

Where: Octane Coffee (the Westside location)

Also if anyone has any good ideas of a better name for the club, suggest it!

Add a comment below with what you're planning to hack on and I'll add it to the list.

Stuff People are Hacking On!

I'm working on a gem for interfacing with with the NASA JPL HORIZONS telnet system. I could definitely use some help, especially if you have have experience with parsers (I'm using Ragel) or dealing with situations in which you must keep track of the server's state in order to make requests properly.

I've been playing with Rails 4 and working on reviving an old app of mine, I'll try to stop by and talk some shop.

I'd be there with bells on had the doctor not just diagnosed me with the flu. 😷 Catch y'all next month!

If I weren't traveling for work, I'd definitely be there. Definitely next time....

I know almost zero ruby, so I'll be recreating an existing Python project in Ruby. It's a simple pig Latin translator.

SFEley commented Jan 15, 2013

Sounds like fun. I'll be pushing forward on an old project to implement an Amazon Web Services framework in EventMachine.

samsm commented Jan 15, 2013

I'll be working on my mundane search helper.

I'll be working through some intro to ruby tutorials. Still a ruby newb!

I'd been planning on going to the html5 meetup, but I think I'd get more out of hanging out with you all. Just getting some work done on a couple of rails apps I've been playing with.

I think I'll make it. I want to reimplement a Highgroove hack night project that allows audience members to ask questions to a conference/meetup speaker. Or something else :)

blithe commented Jan 17, 2013

Planning to work on my dog walker app. It helps people with dogs find other people to help walk their dog.

rochers commented Jan 17, 2013

Either going to work on setting up a new (maybe on github pages) or random work for Tonx.


vanstee commented Jan 18, 2013

Thanks for coming out guys. Was a lot of fun. Same time next month?

Is there a gist for February?

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