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Created Dec 4, 2016
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Linux->mingw cross-compiling shim: *-native is for packages not meant to be run on windows
lib = (import <nixpkgs> {}).lib;
pkgs-cross-xx = hostArch:
(name_: pkg: if lib.isDerivation pkg then pkg.crossDrv else pkg)
(pkgs-cross-xx-nocross hostArch);
pkgs-cross-xx-nocross = hostArch:
(import <nixpkgs> {
crossSystem = {
config = hostArch + "-w64-mingw32";
arch = if hostArch == "i686" then "x86" else hostArch; # Irrelevant
libc = "msvcrt"; # This distinguishes the mingw (non posix) toolchain
platform = {};
openssl.system = "mingw"
+ lib.optionalString (hostArch == "x86_64") "64";
in {
w32 = pkgs-cross-xx "i686";
w64 = pkgs-cross-xx "x86_64";
w32-native = pkgs-cross-xx-nocross "i686";
w64-native = pkgs-cross-xx-nocross "x86_64";
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