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Computers were a mistake.

Shane Becker veganstraightedge

Computers were a mistake.
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veganstraightedge / crop_export_subimages.rb
Last active November 18, 2023 05:56
REQUIRES `imagemagick` installed. ONLY TESTED ON MY LAPTOP. BUYER BEWARE! Export four individual image files from one source image file. (Source is one big file from entire flatbed scanner or four Polaroids. Each individual Polaroid gets exported to its own file.)
source_files = ARGV[0]
# optional file type args
# passed in like: ruby crop.rb path/to/files source_extension export_extension
# ruby crop.rb path/to/files heic png
source_extension_arg = ARGV[1]
export_extension_arg = ARGV[2]
# both extensions default to heic if not passed in
SOURCE_EXTENSION = source_extension_arg.nil? ? "heic" : source_extension_arg
veganstraightedge / update_outdated_gems.rb
Created November 4, 2021 17:26
If you can't use Dependabot (or something like it) for some reasons, you can be a DependaHuman by running this script in two parts. First copy/paste line 11 to your Terminal. Then copy that output from the Terminal into the bottom of this script under that `__END__` and run the script.
# Command to run:
# bundle outdated --parseable
# OR:
# bundle outdated --strict --parseable
# OR:
# bundle outdated --strict --parseable --filter-patch;
# bundle outdated --strict --parseable --filter-minor;
# bundle outdated --strict --parseable --filter-major;
# OR as one line:
veganstraightedge / rails_date_select_bootstrap.html.erb
Created October 24, 2021 00:24
This is how I use a date_select or datetime_select helper in a Rails ERB view with Bootstrap classes, so it looks Bootstrappy but also all on one line.
<div class='mb-3'>
<%= form.label :birthday, class: 'form-label' %>
<%= form.date_select :birthday,
prompt: true,
add_month_numbers: true,
end_year: - 111,
start_year: - 12,
on: [push]
name: License Finder
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Checkout
veganstraightedge / ruby_2_7_1_easter_egg.txt
Last active April 13, 2020 17:41
`IRB.send :easter_egg`
9Q+g Nm,T 8g NJW
YS+ N2NJ"Sg N?
BQg #( gT Nggggk J
5j NJ NJ NNge
#Q #JJ NgT N(
@j bj mT J
Bj @/d NJ (
#q #(( NgT #J
veganstraightedge /
Last active June 29, 2019 23:00
StandardRB and I think different things are better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TO MY EYES, the first is worse than the second.

veganstraightedge / rails__credentials_edit__error.txt
Created March 2, 2019 23:38
In a fresh Rails 5.2 app, `rails credentials:edit` works as advertised. In my Rails 5.2 app, something has been changed and `rails credentials:edit` doesn't work. It gives the error below. I can't find what change caused this.
in `rescue in _decrypt':
ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::InvalidMessage (ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor::InvalidMessage)
1: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/message_encryptor.rb:183:in `_decrypt'
2: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/message_encryptor.rb:157:in `decrypt_and_verify'
3: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/messages/rotator.rb:21:in `decrypt_and_verify'
4: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/encrypted_file.rb:79:in `decrypt'
5: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/encrypted_file.rb:42:in `read'
6: from activesupport-5.2.2/lib/active_support/encrypted_configuration.rb:21:in `read'
WARN: Unresolved specs during Gem::Specification.reset:
rack (< 3, >= 1.4.5)
parallel (>= 0)
activesupport (< 5.1, >= 3.1, >= 4.2)
addressable (~> 2.3)
rb-inotify (>= 0.9.7, ~> 0.9)
concurrent-ruby (~> 1.0)
fastimage (~> 2.0)
rake (>= 0)
hashie (~> 3.4)
pg_restore: creating MATERIALIZED VIEW DATA "public.search_results"
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error while PROCESSING TOC:
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error from TOC entry 3476; 0 483995421 MATERIALIZED VIEW DATA search_results uc4reedsrss2pi
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: lexeme array may not contain nulls
Command was: REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW public.search_results;
DEPRECATION WARNING: Static attributes will be removed in FactoryBot 5.0. Please use dynamic
attributes instead by wrapping the attribute value in a block:
alias { "orders" }
To automatically update from static attributes to dynamic ones,
install rubocop-rspec and run:
rubocop --require rubocop-rspec \
--only FactoryBot/AttributeDefinedStatically \