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You have full access to all contacts and their data
contacts.joinToString("\n\n") { contact ->
ID: ${}
Display name: ${contact.displayNamePrimary}
Display name alt: ${contact.displayNameAlt}
Photo Uri: ${contact.photoUri}
Thumbnail Uri: ${contact.photoThumbnailUri}
Last updated: ${contact.lastUpdatedTimestamp}
Starred?: ${contact.options?.starred}
Send to voicemail?: ${contact.options?.sendToVoicemail}
Ringtone: ${contact.options?.customRingtone}
Aggregate data from all RawContacts
Addresses: ${contact.addressList()}
Emails: ${contact.emailList()}
Events: ${contact.eventList()}
Group memberships: ${contact.groupMembershipList()}
IMs: ${contact.imList()}
Names: ${contact.nameList()}
Nicknames: ${contact.nicknameList()}
Notes: ${contact.noteList()}
Organizations: ${contact.organizationList()}
Phones: ${contact.phoneList()}
Relations: ${contact.relationList()}
SipAddresses: ${contact.sipAddressList()}
Websites: ${contact.websiteList()}
// There are also aggregate data functions that return a sequence instead of a list.
// Each Contact may have more than one of the following data if the Contact is made up of 2 or more RawContacts;
// name, nickname, note, organization, sip address.
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