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Investigating ways to increase technical debt with shiny

Virgil virgilwashere

Investigating ways to increase technical debt with shiny
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Last active Jul 25, 2022 — forked from prabirshrestha/
detect os in bash
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# "unofficial" bash strict mode
# See:
set -o errexit # Exit when simple command fails 'set -e'
set -o errtrace # Exit on error inside any functions or subshells.
set -o nounset # Trigger error when expanding unset variables 'set -u'
set -o pipefail # Do not hide errors within pipes 'set -o pipefail'
virgilwashere /
Created Jun 27, 2019 — forked from PurpleBooth/
A template to make good

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Last active Jun 18, 2019 — forked from derhuerst/
Installing Git on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
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#Requires -Version 4
NAME: MyVeeamReport.ps1
CREATED: 22/02/2014
LASTEDIT: 13/01/2016
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Chef client and server bootstrap scripts/configs for Ubuntu 12.04LTS Server amd64.