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  • I'm still a man [instrumental]
  • Apache [instrumental]
  • After the storm [instrumental]
  • My favorite things [instrumental]
  • Far from any road [instrumental]
  • Rawhide [instrumental]
  • My Funny Valentine [instumental]
  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [instrumental]
  • Indian Summer


Architectural Principles


In this paper, we attempt to articulate a set of principles to follow when creating an architecture. It should be used to guide decisions and create focus, as Architecture is an expansive endeavor.

Each of the following principles, except for the first one, are considered to be guidance and can be interpreted with some flexibility. This is not to say that they are optional, but rather, they are required and their depth and interpretation can be flexed in order to solve specific problem-sets.


3 gal KT

  • 3 galons water
  • 36 grams tea (see below for specifics)
  • 150 grams organic cane sugar
  • 150 grams dextrose
  • A few drops of trace minerals
  • 16 oz starter kombucha; i.e., from previous batch or brewed strong from a separate vessel and batch. I frequently use 1/2 gallon Mason jars just to brew just starter.


  • bear bag
  • b/l/d x number of days/night
    • gorp
    • salami
    • ramen
  • Jet Boil + 1 full can
  • spork
  • coffee/tea
View Herbal Smoking


Herbal Smoking Mixtures

by Howie Brounstein

©1995 HB


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Questions and Goals

These are questions I jotted down before the training and hoped to get answered. Almost all were.

  • Process for developing optimal roast>
  • How can you tell when green coffee is loosing flavor or going bad?
  • How (the fuck) to cup coffee?
    • What are you trying to do?
    • Seems overly complex. Can we simplify it?
  • What's the relationship between air flow and gas pressure (heat)?

D3.js plus coffee roaster (US Roaster) temps captured via Phidget 1048 w/J-type thermocouples. Measuring bean, air, and ambient temps. Expected a bigger drop in temps when charge begins.