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javascript:(function(){ let style = `<style>:root { --violation-color: red; /* used for clear issues */ --warning-color: orange; /* used for potential issues we should look into */ } /* IMAGES */ /* * Lazy-Loaded Images Check * ==== * Highlight any lazy loaded images so we can see if any are inside the viewport * * Uses an outline so it can pair with Unsized Images and Legacy Format checks * Credit: */ img[loading=lazy] { outline: 10px solid var(--warning-color) !important; } /* * Unsized Images Check * ==== * Highlight images that don't have a height or width attribute set * * Uses a border so it can pair with Lazy-Loaded and Legacy Format checks */ img:not([height]), img:not([width]) { border: 10px solid var(--violation-color) !important; } /* * Legacy Format Check * ==== * Highlight tiff's and bmp's because we can do better * Also JPG's because maybe we can use something like webp or avif instead * * Use opacity so w

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/* Courtesy of Steve Souders, #ImageCon17, San Francisco, US */
/* Details: */
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/huge-slow.css">
<img src="hero.jpg"
vitalyfriedman / gist:a1f786dd6ad30eb055ade87ad7939191
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The schedule for the Live event on Feb 2nd. Streaming from London
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12.00PM Opening Talk with your host, Vitaly Friedman.
12.15PM Adobe XD Keynote: “Assumptions Prohibited” by Andre Jay Meissner.
12.45PM Interview with Paul Boag on digital strategy, new UX challenges (chat bots, small screens, VR) and UX in a responsive world.
1.10PM Interview with Julien Denoel, Christophe Mallet and Ramy Najjar from Exze to talk about VR and itsdesign challenges, development tips and more.
1.35PM UX Panel: hosted by Vitaly Friedman and Andre Jay Meissner with Chris Constantine (Head of UX at Syzygy) and Iain McConchie (Head of Design at The App Business).
1.05PM Discussion of UX trends with Romain Colin and Brendan Dawes.
2.30PM Interview with Oliver Reichenstein on the role of iconography in interface design and typography evolution.
2.55PM Interview with Adrian Zumbrunnen from Google on Conversational Design.
3.20PM Interview with Stefanie Posavec, a data-centered designer, will review how to make sense of data and provide her killer tips for data visualization.
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1. Highlight a recommended option,

2. Allow users to switch currency (€/$/£)

3. Allow users to switch pricing monthly/yearly

4. Keep the entire pricing plan area clickable

5. Use slider to calculate how much a user would save

6. Provide free first month for good engagement

7. Prominently highlight testimonials prominently

8. Repeating call to action on top and bottom

9. Sell benefits instead of features

10. Indicate that users can cancel any time

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Created July 7, 2013 12:24
Resizing JPEG images in a folder (two versions).
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ls *.jpg|while read i;do convert $i -strip -interlace Plane -resize "500x" -unsharp 2x0.5+0.5+0 -quality 90 `basename $i .jpg`_small.jpg; convert $i -strip -interlace Plane -resize "1000x" -unsharp 2x0.5+0.5+0 -quality 90 `basename $i .jpg`_large.jpg; done