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1. Highlight a recommended option,

2. Allow users to switch currency (€/$/£)

3. Allow users to switch pricing monthly/yearly

4. Keep the entire pricing plan area clickable

5. Use slider to calculate how much a user would save

6. Provide free first month for good engagement

7. Prominently highlight testimonials prominently

8. Repeating call to action on top and bottom

9. Sell benefits instead of features

10. Indicate that users can cancel any time

11. Indicate what group each pricing plan is for (e.g. freelancers).

12. Avoid mentioning “account” anywhere (nobody *wants* to create an account).
13. On mobile, turn pricing plans into accordions (e.g. Slack).
14. Small commitments are better than big ones,
15. Allow users to switch table/slider views,

16. Highlight selected/tapped row/column in a table,

17. On mobile, keep the pricing and figures as a fixed bar,
18. Allow users to select features of interest,
19. Allow users to configure their own pricing plan,
20. Allow users to compare all features in a full screen mode,
21. Potentially use tabs at the top/bottom for comparison,
22. Make sure each section drops a bit of delight,
23. Provide a way out if a user isn’t interested (“buy our books instead”),
24. In a form, display at most 5–6 input fields at a time.
  1. Avoid mentioning “account” anywhere (nobody wants to create an account).

Can you please expand this?

Nice one guys, thanks for sharing this!

@tiberiumaxim I believe they are referring to labels like "Free Account", "Premium Account" stuff like that.

Fasani commented Jan 25, 2017

Nice info


vitalyfriedman commented Jan 25, 2017

@tiberiumaxim: In my experience, having the word "account" or wording "create an account" doesn't result in high conversion. It's way better to allow users to start using the interface right away and gradually introduce them to sign up later.

Fantastic info here, gonna bookmark this!

frontend-3 commented Jan 26, 2017

Cool! Thanks for sharing this, guys!

Really interesting, specially the "account" part. I never thought that would bring discouragement to users from signing up.


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