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<section id="9" handle="rules">Rules</section>
<entry id="12">
<rule-brief handle="eat-a-serving-of-fruits-or-veggies">Eat fruits or veggies</rule-brief>
<points handle="1">1</points>
<item id="9" handle="2013-01-12-19-04-00" section-handle="games" section-name="Games">2013-01-12 19:04:00</item>
<date-created iso="2013-01-12T19:07:00-06:00" time="19:07" weekday="6" offset="-0600">2013-01-12</date-created>
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Sections Event

This extension bundles an event and corresponding form controls for easier & integrated control of your frontend forms in one place.

If you ever had to submit data from Frontend to more than 1 section and those sections are linked together through a SBL/SBL+ field, I think you already felt the pain of customizing your events.

Using this approach, those relations are handled on-the-fly and no more customizations are required.


vlad-ghita /
Last active Dec 1, 2018
Symphony, meet Resources!

1 Intro

[Symphony][1] is great. Let's make it better.

This article is about the process of building your website's frontend, keeping templates DRY, relating Datasources, Events and other Resources to your Pages, code structure and much more. The following haven arisen, in time, from finding myself repeating the same things over and over again.

I assume you know what [master.xsl][2] is and you are using it. If you don't know, check the [default Symphony workspace][3].

2 It all starts with a requirement