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#! /bin/bash -e
set -ex
if [[ -z "${BUILD_TAG}" ]]; then
echo "BUILD_TAG must be set before running this script";
export WORKSPACE=$(pwd)
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Let me know if this sounds, right.

I work at a company that has N services. Each service has it's own deployable artifact. Each artifact creation process is unique, but the pipeline, and deployment processes are similar. As we grow we are looking to create more services. I would like to manage this complexity in a couple of ways.

  1. We use Jenkins
  2. I'd like to use Jenkinsfile's to manage the jobs
  3. The artifact process should stay unique, some shared code loaded via fileLoader.fromGit
  4. I plan on using a shared deployment job configured via params
  5. I plan on using a shared pipeline job configured via params
This is significantly derived from StackContext, Apache 2.0 license
from tornado.stack_context import StackContextInconsistentError, _state
class ContextLocal(object):
Implements a threadlocal-like mechanism that can be used to track data
across tornado asynchronous calls. This is very similar to (and based
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Title: The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization
Author: Peter M. Senge


Discipline in this context means the pursuit of mastery.


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<form id="checklist">
<h2 id="alignment"><span>Alignment</span></h2>
<p class="description">Unifying group and individual direction and goals around the singular vision of the organization.</p>
<ul class="check-list">
<li class="check-item filter-item i1 culture">
<label for="01_cm1" name="01_cm1" class="label">
import json
from schematics.types.base import (BaseType, NumberType, IntType, LongType, FloatType,
DecimalType, BooleanType)
from schematics.types.compound import ModelType, ListType
__version__ = '1.0'

This choropleth encodes # of hate groups with data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.


From Wikipedia:

Epicyclic gearing or planetary gearing is a gear system consisting of one or more outer gears, or planet gears, revolving about a central, or sun gear. … Epicyclic gearing systems also incorporate the use of an outer ring gear or annulus, which meshes with the planet gears.

Use the menu in the top-left to change the frame of reference, fixing the specified gear in-place.