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Block retrieval optimization

This document aims to provide a detailed overview of a certain development problem and suggest/compare several possible solutions. We will mostly talk about speeding up data deserialization/verification and diffusion interface.

Terms and definitions

Arbitrary datatype T construction/deserialization routine usually

volhovm /
Created October 1, 2017 19:14
CSL software updates HOWTO


Software update is a protocol mechanism that allows nodes to automatically update their executables without changing protocol itself. Here's the process overview:

  1. Update files are uploaded to the dedicated server (S3 storage i guess).
  2. Software update is proposed. Proposal is a datatype that gets into the blockchain. It contains information about version changes and
volhovm /
Created August 28, 2016 16:17
A short manual on establishing citrix VPN connection on Linux Gentoo

A short manual on establishing citrix VPN connection on Linux Gentoo


My company provides access to inner services, like test servers, database servers, etc. via Citrix VPN solution, which’s not developed for linux.

Here we use setup, that routes packages to VM Windows 7 (Virtualbox) guest with Citrix Adapter installed. Windows is used like NAT-modem here, or whatever.

So the basic thing you need to start working with org-mode is to install org-mode. Emacs > 24.??? already have it bundled and if you're not going to use some cool features like org-drill and stuff, that should be enough.

Basically, org-mode operates with org files. Create one ( for example). Org files' markup is simple -- there are headers with info. Header format is '*'{1..} TODO-kw Description. To create entry just write it. Also C-c RET does something similar (I never use it tho). So, stars are indentation -- more indented