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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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Array-like object allowing any serializable keys
class AnyKeyArray implements ArrayAccess, Iterator, Countable {
private $values = array();
// ArrayAccess
function offsetSet($key, $value) {
$this->values[serialize($key)] = $value;
function offsetGet($key) {
return $this->values[serialize($key)];
function offsetExists($key) {
return array_key_exists(serialize($key), $this->values);
function offsetUnset($key) {
// Iterator
function rewind() {
function valid() {
return (key($this->values) !== null);
function current() {
return current($this->values);
function key() {
return unserialize(key($this->values));
function next() {
// Countable
function count() {
return count($this->values);

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@o5 o5 commented May 16, 2013

Jakube, nemělo by tady být raději isset() ? Rád bych v tom měl konečně jasno, viz...


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@dg dg commented May 16, 2013

The strange thing is that you cannot use foreach to iterate over array with special keys. I found it when I read the changelog for PHP 5.5.

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