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vyo /
Created August 10, 2018 08:12 — forked from superseb/
Cleanup host added as custom to Rancher 2.0
docker rm -f $(docker ps -qa)
docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -q)
cleanupdirs="/var/lib/etcd /etc/kubernetes /etc/cni /opt/cni /var/lib/cni /var/run/calico /opt/rke"
for dir in $cleanupdirs; do
echo "Removing $dir"
rm -rf $dir
vyo /
Created March 29, 2018 09:56 — forked from jaceklaskowski/
Choosing a deployment tool - ansible vs puppet vs chef vs salt


  • no upfront installation/agents on remote/slave machines - ssh should be enough
  • application components should use third-party software, e.g. HDFS, Spark's cluster, deployed separately
  • configuration templating
  • environment requires/asserts, i.e. we need a JVM in a given version before doing deployment
  • deployment process run from Jenkins


vyo /
Created January 26, 2018 20:01 — forked from karlgluck/
Approximate magnitude of 2d and 3d vectors

Vec3 Magnitude

These C# implementations of approximate magnitude with no square roots are actually slower than calling a native implementation in Unity, but if this were implemented intelligently in C there's a good chance they would be faster. In any case, they're here because it was a pain to get the magic numbers.

Accurate to within 4.5%.

public static float MagnitudeFast (this Vector2 self)
vyo / crossBrowser_initKeyboardEvent.js
Created August 2, 2017 08:21 — forked from termi/crossBrowser_initKeyboardEvent.js
Cross-browser initKeyboardEvent
View crossBrowser_initKeyboardEvent.js
void function() {//closure
var global = this
, _initKeyboardEvent_type = (function( e ) {
try {
"keyup" // in DOMString typeArg
, false // in boolean canBubbleArg
, false // in boolean cancelableArg
, global // in views::AbstractView viewArg
vyo / gist:b1966f25bbfcd3d919f7ffc558c541fe
Created June 23, 2016 16:03 — forked from jjb/gist:996292
How to securely acquire the Mozilla root certificate bundle for use with curl, Net::HTTP, etc.
View gist:b1966f25bbfcd3d919f7ffc558c541fe

If you want to use curl or net-http/open-uri to access https resources, you will often (always?) get an error, because they don't have the large number of root certificates installed that web browsers have.

You can manually install the root certs, but first you have to get them from somewhere. This article gives a nice description of how to do that. The source of the cert files it points to is hosted by the curl project, who kindly provide it in the .pem format.

problem: Sadly, ironically, and comically, it's not possible to access that file via https! Luckily, the awesome curl project does provide us with the script that they use to produce the file, so we can do it securely ourselves. Here's how.

  1. git clone
  2. cd curl/lib
  3. edit and change: