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A lot of people are having issues with Since this is a very new issue, Google was no help and `man iconservicesd` is even more hilarious. I eventually fixed it, when I was working on a completely different issue (that is still not fixed). The instructions are below and on the Apple Support Forum, https://discussions.…

I was chasing down another issue (slow "Save As") and thought these two issues may have been related (with QuickLook being the common broken link). Unfortunately, my "Save As" dialog is still miserably slow on the initial load; but IconServicesAgent hasn't gone above 30MB and he rarely makes an appearance in the Console!

Some of these steps may not be necessary, but here are all of the steps I took that inadverdently put IconServicesAgent back in its place. Note: all commands are a single-line, if they appear to be multiple that's just the forum formatting.

  1. Check for any QuickLooks related .plist files. In a terminal: mdfind -name .plist

  2. I only had files at the system level (specifically within /System/Library/LaunchAgents/). If you have others, modify the directions below to take that into account (re-introducing plist files from the system level back up to the user).

  3. Make some temporary directories to store these plist files, just in case: mkdir ~/tmp-quicklook

  4. Kill the IconServicesAgent: killall -KILL

  5. Move the plist files to temporary directories: sudo mv /System/Library/LaunchAgents/* ~/tmp-quicklook/

  6. Reset QuickLook generators and disk cache: qlmanage -r && qlmanage -r cache

  7. Reboot

  8. Move plist files back: sudo mv ~/tmp-quicklook/* /System/Library/LaunchAgents

  9. Reboot

From this point on you shouldn't see IconServiceAgent ever go above 30MB on the memory tab; Twitter is actually consuming more memory than IconServiceAgent is right now! You will continue to see entries in your logs but they should only occur once per file type, roughly. I found just scrolling through "All My Files" in Finder really quick took care of most everything and after another reboot and repeating this process - I saw very few, if any, new entries.

If this doesn't work, my only suggestion would be to remove all entries from the user's Login Items and then go through the instructions above (I did this but I don't beleive it was relevant, therefore the ommission).

GLMeece commented May 14, 2014

This is the only guide that has helped me with this issue. All the other "solutions" I've seen have covered only creating a new folder in the current TMP directory. I did have to kill the IconServicesAgent one more time after the last reboot, but after that it calmed down and is only consuming 29.7 MB.

RobBW commented Jul 9, 2014

Identical experience Except that IconServicesAgent has settled down to consuming 54 MB instead of over 200. Thank you to walesmd.

everything was fine but starts again..

agreed.. THIS IS THE FIX!!! thank you!!!

Thanks for saving our lives from slow macs.

Hmm which version of the OS did you try this on walesmd?

Fixed, but the error is back again :(

kirha commented Oct 12, 2017

FYI on High Sierra the service is renamed, so run:

sudo killall -KILL iconservicesagent

Also, it looks like the service has some real problems if you put some very high res custom icons on files. For me it was on an external drive so I could get the system to be responsive by removing the drive. I went and removed all the custom icons and the system seems to be working well again.

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