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New MacOS Machine Setup

This guide is based on my own experience, but also draws on other guides. It is primarily oriented towards those doing code-related stuff (e.g., I'm mostly an SDET, but is also applicable to those doing either Python or Web-based development).

A couple of other examples:

Most of the setup will use the terminal. For more details on how to setup an awesome terminal experience on the Mac, see my guide Steps to Terminal Enlightenment on a Mac (tweaking your terminal for fun and profit), which in fact includes some of these steps (you're welcome!).

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Last active Mar 1, 2021
Use Fingerprint Reader on a MacBook to Validate SUDO

HOWTO Leverage the Fingerprint Reader on a MacBook to Validate SUDO

The following is derived from the article Use Touch ID for sudo on Mac:


  1. Open the sudo utility:
sudo nano /etc/pam.d/sudo
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Last active Feb 25, 2021
Variable/Constant Casing Styles

Computer Language Case Styles

A quick discussion of the most popular ways to invoke variable (or constant) names using case and/or space replacement.

These styles are:

  • camelCase
  • PascalCase
  • snake_case
  • kebab-case
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Last active Feb 8, 2021
Docker Cheat Sheet

Useful Docker Cheat Sheet

Random Tips

A Dozen Dockerfile Instructions to Know

  • FROM — specifies the base (parent) image; typically you specify both the image name as well as the label. 🍰
  • RUN — runs a command and creates an image layer. Used to install packages into containers. 🍰
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Last active Apr 17, 2021
Steps to Terminal Enlightenment on a Mac (tweaking your terminal for fun and profit)
GLMeece / .zshrc
Created Sep 5, 2019
Z-shell Resource File PowerLevel9K Example
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# zmodload zsh/zprof # <-- enable for shell profiling
# Note: for more options info, see:
# Autoload info:
# With the -U flag, alias expansion is suppressed when the function is loaded.
# -z mark the function to be autoloaded using the zsh style
autoload -Uz compinit
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Last active Mar 19, 2019
Exporting INI file values as Environmental Variables
# It is assumed that $HOME is already defined and exported...
# Assuming within our home directory,
# we have a hidden directory called '.env'
# ...and within that directory we had a file named 'secret_vars.ini'...
# ...we'd build the path
def nice_title_case(str_in):
"""Converts a string to Title Case, with conventional exceptions which
need not be capitalized if they are not the first word in the title.
exceptions_to_title_casing = (
"a", "an", "and", "at",
"but", "by", "for", "in",
"nor", "of", "on", "or",
"so", "the", "to", "up", "yet"
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Created Mar 15, 2019
HTTP Bad Return Codes (as Python Dictionary)
http_bad_codes = {
"400": "Bad Request",
"401": "Unauthorized",
"402": "Payment Required",
"403": "Forbidden",
"404": "Not Found",
"405": "Method Not Allowed",
"406": "Not Acceptable",
"407": "Proxy Authentication Required",
"408": "Request Timeout",
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Last active Oct 2, 2018
Using PanDoc to Convert Word to Markdown
pandoc -f docx -t markdown -o my_example_input.docx