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Waseem Hassan Shahid waseem-h

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ssh-rsa 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 Waseem@DESKTOP-0EANABA
keepInMemory() {
echo $1
while :; do
PID=$(pidof "$PACKAGE")
if [ $? -ne 1 ]; then


There are 18 questions in total. You will need five RHEL 8 (or CentOS 😎 virtual machines to be able to successfully complete all questions.

Optional Automatic Exam Setup Available

Here is an automated exam environment deployment for Mac/Linux/Windows that deploys the practice exam environment for you, including IPA server/client installation and configuration. You can also use your own lab environment. Navigate to the respective repo you wish to use for this practice exam and follow the README instructions:,,

waseem-h /
Created Mar 27, 2020 — forked from rubencaro/
Golang installation guide

Golang installation guide

Since Golang version 1.11 this process is finally (almost) as easy as it should (!!). You can see full docs here. For older guides see here.

These are my notes, not a generic solution. They are not meant to work anywhere outside my machines. Update version numbers to whatever are the current ones while you do this.

Installing everything needed the first time

Install asdf and its golang plugin, then install golang


Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am waseem-h on github.
  • I am waseemhassan ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBlSRmJFbEB7a8vCdeAUMI9FumaQt8_26odLVCn1urF5go

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View Installing chart via helm
helm repo update
helm install chartmuseum/mysql --name demo-mysql
View Adding ChartMuseum to Helm
helm repo add chartmuseum http://localhost:8080
helm repo update
View Upload chart to ChartMuseum
curl -L --data-binary "@mysql-1.0.0.tgz" http://localhost:8080/api/charts
View Configure ChartMuseum
chartmuseum --port=<port> --storage=”local” --storage-local-rootdir=”<chart-dir>”
waseem-h / ChartMuseum
Created Feb 20, 2018
Download and Install ChartMuseum
View ChartMuseum
# on Linux
curl -LO
# on macOS
curl -LO
# on Windows
curl -LO
chmod +x ./chartmuseum