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Turtles all the way

Marc Harter wavded

Turtles all the way
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"_state": {
"isInitialized": true,
"tourActive": false,
"geocode": {
"address": "34689"
"geocodeError": "",
"geocodeWindowActive": false,
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parcelRequire=function(e,r,n,t){var i="function"==typeof parcelRequire&&parcelRequire,o="function"==typeof require&&require;function u(n,t){if(!r[n]){if(!e[n]){var f="function"==typeof parcelRequire&&parcelRequire;if(!t&&f)return f(n,!0);if(i)return i(n,!0);if(o&&"string"==typeof n)return o(n);var c=new Error("Cannot find module '"+n+"'");throw c.code="MODULE_NOT_FOUND",c}p.resolve=function(r){return e[n][1][r]||r},p.cache={};var l=r[n]=new u.Module(n);e[n][0].call(l.exports,p,l,l.exports,this)}return r[n].exports;function p(e){return u(p.resolve(e))}}u.isParcelRequire=!0,u.Module=function(e){,this.bundle=u,this.exports={}},u.modules=e,u.cache=r,u.parent=i,u.register=function(r,n){e[r]=[function(e,r){r.exports=n},{}]};for(var f=0;f<n.length;f++)u(n[f]);if(n.length){var c=u(n[n.length-1]);"object"==typeof exports&&"undefined"!=typeof module?module.exports=c:"function"==typeof define&&define.amd?define(function(){return c}):t&&(this[t]=c)}return u}({"l6Kx":[function(require,module,exports) {
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{"_state":{"bingKey":"AqlRkpGMghrGLhdnu26G1wuL7bUZUB3RErr4AmGzJq-0cYhzB37qSOpe0TwhBb1P","isInitialized":true,"tourActive":false,"geocode":{"address":"64701, Harrisonville, Missouri","lng":-94.33979907949315,"lat":38.64584951161476,"zoomLevel":10,"buffer":{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-94.26738463715677,38.64584951161476],[-94.26877606036102,38.63172215474074],[-94.27289685836034,38.618137704268676],[-94.27958867119861,38.60561820301196],[-94.28859433626126,38.594644768382864],[-94.29956777089033,38.585639103320226],[-94.31208727214705,38.57894729048196],[-94.32567172261912,38.574826492482636],[-94.33979907949315,38.57343506927838],[-94.35392643636717,38.574826492482636],[-94.36751088683924,38.57894729048196],[-94.38003038809596,38.585639103320226],[-94.39100382272504,38.594644768382864],[-94.40000948778768,38.60561820301196],[-94.40670130062595,38.618137704268676],[-94.41082209862527,38.63172215474074],[-94.41221352182953,38.64584951161476],[-94.41082209862527,38.659976868488
# Node build script that runs cloc, cpd, lint, test and coverage for Jenkins
# Outside tools include:
# jscpd: npm i jscpd -g
# cloc: npm i cloc -g
# eslint: npm i eslint -g
set -x
export NODE_ENV=production
wavded /
Last active Sep 15, 2020
Go Jenkins CI Script - golang
# Go build script that runs cloc, cpd, lint, vet, test and coverage for Jenkins
# Outside tools include:
# gocov: go get
# gocov-xml: go get
# go2xunit: go get
# jscpd: npm i jscpd -g
# cloc: npm i cloc -g
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exports.bufferOrderFile = function (req) {
const d = exports.createDeferred()
var name
const data = []
// Capture errors but intentially resolve to undefined
const captureErAndRes = er => { log.err(er); d.resolve() }
try {
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if (!this.props.isInitialized) {
return (
<EMap bingKey={this.props.bingKey} active={true} />
wavded / gen.js
Created Apr 23, 2014
TCO in Generators
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function* fibGen (current, next) {
yield current
yield* fibGen(next, current + next)
for (var num of fibGen(0,1));
// function* fibGen (current, next) {
// ^
// RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
wavded / image format test results
Created Jan 20, 2014
Map tile format r&d, based on resolutions
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JPEG / No Imagery / Fresh Cache
250000 - 196.5k
150000 - 212.8k
100000 - 1.2m
80000 - 1.2m
50000 - 1m
35000 - 831.1k
32000 - 735.1k
25000 - 772.8k
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