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Go Jenkins CI Script - golang
# Go build script that runs cloc, cpd, lint, vet, test and coverage for Jenkins
# Outside tools include:
# gocov: go get
# gocov-xml: go get
# go2xunit: go get
# jscpd: npm i jscpd -g
# cloc: npm i cloc -g
set -x
# Set up environment
export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/jenkins/go/bin
export PRJ=`git config --get remote.origin.url | sed 's/^https:\/\///' | sed 's/\.git$//'`
export GODOCPATH=/var/lib/jenkins/go/src
export GOPATH=`pwd`
# Clean directory
git clean -dfx
# Move project into GOPATH
mkdir -p src/$PRJ
ls -1 | grep -v ^src | xargs -I{} mv {} src/$PRJ/
# Copy project to GODOCPATH for documentation hosting
mkdir -p $GODOCPATH/$PRJ
rsync -azu --delete --exclude="vendor" --exclude="Godeps" src/$PRJ/* $GODOCPATH/$PRJ
# LOC reporting (SLOCCount plugin)
cloc --by-file --xml --out=cloc.xml --exclude-dir=vendor,Godeps .
# Copy-paste detection (DRY plugin)
jscpd -e {**/vendor/**,**/Godeps/**,**/*.min.*} -o cpd.xml
# Make distribution directory
mkdir dist
# Run tests (JUnit plugin)
rm -f test.out
echo "mode: set" > coverage.out
for pkg in $(go list $PRJ/...);
if [[ $pkg != *"vendor"* ]]; then
echo "testing... $pkg"
go test -v -coverprofile=tmp.out $pkg >> test.out
if [ -f tmp.out ]; then
cat tmp.out | grep -v "mode: set" >> coverage.out
rm -f ./tmp.out
cat test.out | go2xunit -output tests.xml
# Generate coverage reports (Cobertura plugin)
gocov convert coverage.out | gocov-xml > cobertura-coverage.xml
# Run lint tools (Compiler warning plugin)
golint $PRJ > lint.txt
# Run vet tools (Compiler warning plugin)
go vet $PRJ > vet.txt
# Build application
go build -o dist/app $PRJ
# Create distro
rsync -az $GOPATH/src/$PRJ/* --exclude="vendor" --exclude="Godeps" --exclude="**/*.go" --exclude=".git*" dist/
# Archive artifact
tar -zcf archive.tar.gz -C dist/ .

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commented Jan 31, 2017

what will be in lint.txt and vet.txt and in which format ??.

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