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13-06-18@12:03:33 ¹º¹º Join» (mib_392hv6) (75e37158@
13-06-18@12:03:43 (mib_392hv6) hello
13-06-18@12:03:55 ººº¹ Join» (xlat) (~Nicolas@
13-06-18@12:04:09 (mib_392hv6) hello
13-06-18@12:04:32 (daxim) hello, just go ahead and type
13-06-18@12:05:23 (mib_392hv6) how to use notepad++ for strawberry perl
13-06-18@12:05:44 (mib_392hv6) need instruction from your side
13-06-18@12:06:31 (daxim) type your programs into the editor, then save the files with the customary extensions .pm (for modules) or .pl (for programs)
13-06-18@12:08:26 (mib_392hv6) in a new file i have to do same thingh
13-06-18@12:08:32 (mib_392hv6) am i right
13-06-18@12:09:24 (daxim) yes, certainly. you always have to save a program first before you are able to run in with perl.
13-06-18@12:09:45 (daxim) perhaps you explain a bit more if you expect something different
13-06-18@12:12:05 (mib_392hv6) sir,its means i have to write programme into the editor then save with and the run
13-06-18@12:13:03 (mib_392hv6) i have a another query
13-06-18@12:14:01 (mib_392hv6) why this link not working for window
13-06-18@12:14:02 (+dipsy) [ MISA - microsatellite searching tool ]
13-06-18@12:14:52 (mib_392hv6) however developer told it for all o.s
13-06-18@12:14:58 (mib_392hv6) pl reply
13-06-18@12:16:07 ¹¹¹º Quit» (mib_392hv6) (75e37158@ (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
13-06-18@12:17:56 ¹ººº Join» (mib_s4c1yb) (
13-06-18@12:19:19 ¹ºº¹ Join» (Jamaica) (~Jamaica@
13-06-18@12:19:20 (mib_s4c1yb) hello
13-06-18@12:19:34 (@Mithaldu) hey
13-06-18@12:21:58 (mib_s4c1yb)
13-06-18@12:21:58 (+dipsy) [ MISA - microsatellite searching tool ]
13-06-18@12:22:23 (mib_s4c1yb) why its not working for window
13-06-18@12:22:34 (@Mithaldu) what do you mean with "not working"?
13-06-18@12:22:38 (@Mithaldu) does the perl script crash?
13-06-18@12:22:56 (daxim) do you realise you need a fasta input file? do you have one?
13-06-18@12:23:13 (mib_s4c1yb) yes i have
13-06-18@12:23:43 (mib_s4c1yb) just downloaded strawberry perl
13-06-18@12:23:53 (mib_s4c1yb) and then notepad++
13-06-18@12:24:12 (mib_s4c1yb) now trying to download MISA
13-06-18@12:24:21 (daxim) you need to run this program from the command-line. notepad++ does not have sufficient integration
13-06-18@12:24:29 (@Mithaldu) right-click, save as
13-06-18@12:25:11 (daxim) I recommend you learn to use the command-line properly, or run a better editor/integrated development environment such as Padre IDE or ActiveState Komodo
13-06-18@12:25:32 (mib_s4c1yb) please clear gain not able to learn
13-06-18@12:25:50 (mib_s4c1yb) what you are saying
13-06-18@12:26:16 (daxim) I'm saying, you can't this program from within notepad++ -- you will not see the output
13-06-18@12:26:48 (daxim) use something better.
13-06-18@12:26:51 (+dipsy) [ Padre, the Perl IDE ] [ Komodo IDE: Professional IDE for Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript ]
13-06-18@12:28:28 (mib_s4c1yb) can i download it for window
13-06-18@12:28:51 (@Mithaldu) click the download link
13-06-18@12:28:57 (@Mithaldu) there's a whole thing for windows
13-06-18@12:29:42 (mib_s4c1yb) now its downloading
13-06-18@12:30:16 (mib_s4c1yb) sir,MISA not downloading for window pl help me
13-06-18@12:30:34 ºº¹¹ Quit» (xlat) (~Nicolas@ (Remote host closed the connection)
13-06-18@12:31:13 (mib_s4c1yb) i want to run misa through perl
13-06-18@12:31:18 (@Mithaldu) mib_s4c1yb: right-click the link and click "save as"
13-06-18@12:31:36 º¹º¹ Join» (xlat) (~Nicolas@
13-06-18@12:31:52 (mib_s4c1yb) MISA not downloading for window pl help me
13-06-18@12:32:20 (mib_s4c1yb) how it will install for window
13-06-18@12:32:57 (@Mithaldu) please describe in more detail how it is not downloading
13-06-18@12:32:59 (daxim) this is not something you install - you run it from the command-line or from an IDE, do you know what this means?
13-06-18@12:34:26 (mib_s4c1yb) i want to download
13-06-18@12:34:27 (+dipsy) [ MISA - microsatellite searching tool ]
13-06-18@12:34:56 (mib_s4c1yb) on window o.s
13-06-18@12:36:22 (@Mithaldu) mib_s4c1yb: what happens when you click on "Download MISA" on that page?
13-06-18@12:37:30 (mib_s4c1yb) a new page open with !/usr/bin/perl -w
13-06-18@12:37:53 (@Mithaldu) ok
13-06-18@12:37:56 (@Mithaldu) go one back
13-06-18@12:38:05 (@Mithaldu) right-click that link, click on "save as"
13-06-18@12:38:08 (daxim) when Mithaldu said, right-click, he means the *other* mouse button
13-06-18@12:38:11 (@Mithaldu) or the equivalent in your language
13-06-18@12:39:30 (mib_s4c1yb) right-click that link, click on "save as"
13-06-18@12:39:42 (mib_s4c1yb) then sir
13-06-18@12:40:18 (@Mithaldu) then choose a place on your harddrive to save it at
13-06-18@12:40:21 (mib_s4c1yb) i have saved it
13-06-18@12:40:24 (@Mithaldu) great
13-06-18@12:41:02 (mib_s4c1yb) what next
13-06-18@12:41:26 (@Mithaldu) now copy the fasta input file to the same place you saved the .pl file at
13-06-18@12:44:25 (mib_s4c1yb) sir pl clear gain
13-06-18@12:44:37 (@Mithaldu) please rephrase that, i do not understand
13-06-18@12:45:00 (mib_s4c1yb) now copy the fasta input file to the same place you saved the .pl file at
13-06-18@12:45:33 (@Mithaldu) in what directory did you save the file?
13-06-18@12:46:19 (mib_s4c1yb) in c drive
13-06-18@12:46:33 (@Mithaldu) directly in c:\?
13-06-18@12:46:41 (@Mithaldu) not into a directory on your c drive?
13-06-18@12:48:18 (mib_s4c1yb) yes sir putted it in c:\ directly
13-06-18@12:48:22 (@Mithaldu) great
13-06-18@12:48:26 (@Mithaldu) click start
13-06-18@12:48:29 (@Mithaldu) click run
13-06-18@12:48:33 (@Mithaldu) enter cmd
13-06-18@12:48:37 (@Mithaldu) hit the enter key
13-06-18@12:48:47 (@Mithaldu) do you see a black window with some text in it?
13-06-18@12:49:58 (daxim) that window should look like this:
13-06-18@12:51:01 (mib_s4c1yb) sir it just open and close
13-06-18@12:51:21 (mib_s4c1yb) whats going wrong now sir
13-06-18@12:51:29 (@Mithaldu) exactly what text did you enter into the "run" box?
13-06-18@12:51:46 (@Mithaldu) or maybe better:
13-06-18@12:51:51 (@Mithaldu) exactly what text did you type into the "run" box?
13-06-18@12:53:17 (mib_s4c1yb) saved file putted it in c:\ directly
13-06-18@12:53:45 (@Mithaldu) that was not what i asked
13-06-18@12:53:48 (@Mithaldu) let me try this again
13-06-18@12:53:51 (@Mithaldu) click start
13-06-18@12:53:53 (@Mithaldu) click run
13-06-18@12:54:00 (@Mithaldu) type "cmd"
13-06-18@12:54:03 (mib_s4c1yb) which on
13-06-18@12:54:04 (@Mithaldu) hit enter
13-06-18@12:54:09 (@Mithaldu) try that
13-06-18@12:54:23 (mib_s4c1yb) here is query sir
13-06-18@12:54:39 (@Mithaldu) ask
13-06-18@12:54:56 (@Mithaldu) or do you mean you are seeing the command line shell now?
13-06-18@12:55:01 (mib_s4c1yb) where i have to click for start
13-06-18@12:55:12 (mib_s4c1yb) which file
13-06-18@12:55:16 (@Mithaldu) are you on windows xp?
13-06-18@12:55:29 (mib_s4c1yb) window7
13-06-18@12:55:48 (@Mithaldu) bottom left corner, the windows icon in the circle
13-06-18@12:56:46 (mib_s4c1yb) yes sir
13-06-18@12:56:59 (mib_s4c1yb) what next
13-06-18@12:57:24 (@Mithaldu) do you see a box where it says "Search programs and files"?
13-06-18@12:57:32 (@Mithaldu) if so, type cmd in there and hit enter
13-06-18@12:58:55 (mib_s4c1yb) yes sir
13-06-18@12:59:18 (mib_s4c1yb) cdm.cif.gz available
13-06-18@12:59:32 (@Mithaldu) cmd
13-06-18@12:59:34 (@Mithaldu) not cdm
13-06-18@13:00:26 ¹ºº¹ Join» (bloonix) (
13-06-18@13:00:34 (mib_s4c1yb) yes sir a new window open
13-06-18@13:00:52 (@Mithaldu) type cd c:\
13-06-18@13:00:54 (@Mithaldu) and hit enter
13-06-18@13:02:23 (mib_s4c1yb) typed it and enter
13-06-18@13:02:39 (@Mithaldu) type dir and hit enter
13-06-18@13:02:48 (@Mithaldu) then look if you see the misa pl script
13-06-18@13:04:19 (mib_s4c1yb) now i am seeing it
13-06-18@13:04:35 (@Mithaldu) now type perl -v
13-06-18@13:04:38 (@Mithaldu) and hit enter
13-06-18@13:04:47 (@Mithaldu) then tell me what you see
13-06-18@13:07:30 (mib_s4c1yb) perl-v is not recognised as internal or external command,operable programme or batch file
13-06-18@13:07:42 (@Mithaldu) did you install strawberry perl?
13-06-18@13:07:52 (mib_s4c1yb) yes sir
13-06-18@13:07:52 (@Mithaldu) if not, do that now
13-06-18@13:08:00 (@Mithaldu) well ...
13-06-18@13:08:05 (@Mithaldu) wait
13-06-18@13:08:08 (@Mithaldu) you type perl-v
13-06-18@13:08:10 (@Mithaldu) i said
13-06-18@13:08:12 (@Mithaldu) perl -v
13-06-18@13:08:16 (@Mithaldu) there's a space inbetween
13-06-18@13:08:42 (@Mithaldu) daxim: if you're up to it, you're gonna have to take over here, we need to go get the lunch we ordered
13-06-18@13:09:29 (daxim) I decline. is someone else here willing to take over?
13-06-18@13:10:00 (@Mithaldu) mib_s4c1yb: download this and read it:
13-06-18@13:10:01 (+dipsy) [ ]
13-06-18@13:10:09 (@Mithaldu) maybe it will help you further while i'm away
13-06-18@13:10:12 ºº¹º Quit» (xlat) (~Nicolas@ (Remote host closed the connection)
13-06-18@13:10:19 (@Mithaldu) otherwise i'll be back in an hour or two
13-06-18@13:10:37 (mib_s4c1yb) sir its working
13-06-18@13:10:41 (mib_s4c1yb) hello sir
13-06-18@13:10:59 ºº¹¹ Join» (CSJewell) (
13-06-18@13:11:21 (mib_s4c1yb) let me know mail id i want to in touch
13-06-18@13:11:24 ¹ººº Join» (xlat) (~Nicolas@
13-06-18@13:11:35 (@Mithaldu) i will be back in an hour or two and i'm always in this channel
13-06-18@13:11:39 (@Mithaldu) so try back later
13-06-18@13:12:00 (mib_s4c1yb) i will wait
13-06-18@13:12:17 (mib_s4c1yb) sir you are from
13-06-18@13:30:43 ¹ººº Quit» (mib_s4c1yb) ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
13-06-18@13:40:42 ¹¹¹º Join» (mib_iakeov) (
13-06-18@13:42:26 (mib_iakeov) hello
13-06-18@13:42:26 (+dipsy) hey, mib_iakeov
13-06-18@13:43:24 (mib_iakeov) pl tell me command for fasta input file into perl
13-06-18@13:46:12 (mib_iakeov) hello
13-06-18@13:51:35 (jamesw) dipsy is a bot
13-06-18@13:56:33 (jamesw) perl
13-06-18@13:56:36 (jamesw) tried that?
13-06-18@13:59:06 (mib_iakeov) ok sir
13-06-18@14:01:50 (@Mithaldu) back
13-06-18@14:01:53 (mib_iakeov) when i tried it ,its shows does not exist
13-06-18@14:02:23 (@Mithaldu) can you take a screenshot?
13-06-18@14:02:52 (mib_iakeov) ,its shows fasta file does not exist
13-06-18@14:03:11 (@Mithaldu) aHA
13-06-18@14:03:21 (@Mithaldu) is your fasta file in c:\ ?
13-06-18@14:03:41 (mib_iakeov) no sir
13-06-18@14:03:50 (@Mithaldu) copy it there then
13-06-18@14:04:24 (mib_iakeov) in c drive
13-06-18@14:04:55 (@Mithaldu) copy the fasta file to c:\
13-06-18@14:05:18 (mib_iakeov) ok sir
13-06-18@14:06:26 (mib_iakeov) what next sir
13-06-18@14:07:09 (mib_iakeov) hello sir
13-06-18@14:07:24 (mib_iakeov) what next sir
13-06-18@14:08:40 (@Mithaldu) perl fasta_file_name
13-06-18@14:09:13 (mib_iakeov) doing it
13-06-18@14:11:47 (mib_iakeov) it shows fasta file not exist
13-06-18@14:11:52 (mib_iakeov) help me sir
13-06-18@14:12:56 (@Mithaldu) sec
13-06-18@14:13:21 (@Mithaldu) what is the name of the fasta file?
13-06-18@14:13:49 (mib_iakeov) swati6
13-06-18@14:14:30 (@Mithaldu) and you entered
13-06-18@14:14:36 (@Mithaldu) perl swati6
13-06-18@14:14:39 (@Mithaldu) correct?
13-06-18@14:14:40 (+dipsy) redact
13-06-18@14:15:33 (mib_iakeov) i had putted perl swati6
13-06-18@14:15:46 (@Mithaldu) and swati6 is in c:\
13-06-18@14:15:50 (@Mithaldu) not in a sub directory?
13-06-18@14:16:02 (jamesw) is it swati6 no extension?
13-06-18@14:16:18 (mib_iakeov) it is in a folder in c drive
13-06-18@14:17:09 (@Mithaldu) copy it to c:\
13-06-18@14:17:14 (@Mithaldu) not into a directory
13-06-18@14:17:46 (mib_iakeov) i had putted all fasta files in c drive in a single folder
13-06-18@14:18:18 (@Mithaldu) well you can also copy into that folder
13-06-18@14:18:20 (@Mithaldu) and type
13-06-18@14:18:25 (@Mithaldu) cd folder
13-06-18@14:18:37 (@Mithaldu) and then type perl fasta_file there
13-06-18@14:20:27 (mib_iakeov) mean to say i have to cut and paste file into fasta folder and edit its name as cd folder
13-06-18@14:20:45 (@Mithaldu) no
13-06-18@14:20:49 (mib_iakeov) am i right sir
13-06-18@14:20:57 (@Mithaldu) you copy and paste the file into the fasta directory
13-06-18@14:21:04 (@Mithaldu) then go to the black window with the command prompt
13-06-18@14:21:06 (@Mithaldu) and type
13-06-18@14:21:14 (@Mithaldu) cd fasta_directory
13-06-18@14:24:31 (mib_iakeov) sir its shows system can not find the path specified
13-06-18@14:25:26 (mib_iakeov) sir pl resolved it
13-06-18@14:27:24 (@Mithaldu) did you manage to cd into the directory?
13-06-18@14:28:19 (mib_iakeov) i have text editor notepad++
13-06-18@14:28:27 (mib_iakeov) for perl
13-06-18@14:28:30 (@Mithaldu) you did not answer my question
13-06-18@14:28:45 (@Mithaldu) did you manage to cd into the fasta directory?
13-06-18@14:29:04 (mib_iakeov) no sir ,if you guide me i can try
13-06-18@14:29:28 (@Mithaldu) well, what is the full path of the directory on your c drive?
13-06-18@14:31:30 (mib_iakeov) computer>local disk(c:)
13-06-18@14:31:53 (@Mithaldu) i mean the full path of the fasta directory
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