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This is a list of people whose goal for future Perl Core development is "/usr/bin/perl must not break the world's programs outside defined deprecation policies".

The above is a rejection of changes like the proposal to change perl defaults in perl 7/8/* for /usr/bin/perl without gating them behind a use v*;. For more detail: - Dan Book has written in great detail here. - DaveM has also written a very clear description.

People might be mistakenly on this list. It is editorialized by myself, Mithaldu, and i might be wrong. I put people on here by observing their communications around this matter. Only people with a heavy check mark (✔️) have explicitly agreed.

Please let me know if you think someone you know would appreciate being included.

Also, please let me know if you'd wish to be removed, or think someone here would wish to be removed.

package UDAG::VendorBox::Log::Auto;
use strictures 2;
use Safe::Isa '$_call_if_can';
use Context::Preserve 'preserve_context';
use UDAG::VendorBox::Meta::Role::AutoLogOnImmutable;
use UDAG::VendorBox::Log 'd';
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<FauxReal> Mithaldu, what is your prescription for the American left then?

<Mithaldu> I understand the value of keeping potential allies. Politically i am in agreement with the vast majority of vaush' positions ... practically ... fuck there are things i do not know if i can legally say them. So let me handwave at the 2nd and rule 303, but that's a pipe dream. There is nobody in the usa with the balls or knowhow to do it.

<Mithaldu> So in the meantime? Get biden in, mend bridges with warren, support bernie. As much as y'all hate warren. She's a fucking powerhouse when it comes to policy. She's a nerd. She can be immensely useful. Have her work together with bernie as the idea+feelings man, and have them support biden and be able to use his power. THAT'S the kind of cooperation the left needs. And i say this as someone who is in bernie's texting campaign. So it's not like i'm a warren stan.

<FauxReal> She's a fucking goof, but I think she's trying to do the right thing.

<Mithaldu> FauxReal, the term is "p

wchristian / COVID.rst
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experiences of a doctor in battling covid and losing
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Mai, Therese 08:11 (9 hours ago) to me

Sehr geehrter Herr Walde,

danke für Ihr Schreiben anlässlich der Situation in Thüringen. Entschuldigen Sie die späte Rückmeldung. Aufgrund der Vielzahl an Anfragen war es leider nicht möglich gewesen früher zu antworten.

Als Christdemokraten machen wir Politik auf der Grundlage des christlichen Menschenbildes. Daraus folgt, dass wir uns zu seiner unantastbaren Würde bekennen. Aus der Würde des Menschen erwächst sein Recht auf die freie Entfaltung der Persönlichkeit und zugleich die Verantwortung gegenüber dem Nächsten. Wir wissen: Jeder Mensch ist Irrtum und Schuld ausgesetzt. Darum sind auch der Planungs- und Gestaltungsfähigkeit der Politik Grenzen gesetzt. Diese Einsicht bewahrt uns vor ideologischen Heilslehren und einem totalitären Politikverständnis. Die Linke hingegen knüpft an sozialistische und kommunistische Gleichheitstraditionen an. Für die Union steht der einzelne Mensch im Mittelpunkt. Die Linke hingegen schaut auf das Kollektiv st



I'm not happy about things, not at all. I guess I want to start by talking about the whole Buck Angel thing because- you know -people ask about it so let's get this out of the way upfront.

So for those of you who are not familiar with the situation- who are not very online -the situation is this; a couple of weeks ago I uploaded a video called Opulence and in that video there was a 12 second voice over of a quote from John Waters that was voiced by Buck Angel.

Buck Angel is a trans man which- for people who are very new here -is someone who is assigned female at birth and is a man. And he- you know -basically here's my tale with Buck Angel. Buck Angel is the first transgender man I ever knew-- sorry. Transexual man. He doesn't like the word transgender. He's the first trans man I ever knew existed. Like I found out about him back in 2012 and he made a big impact on me. Like he has this history; he was like the first porn superstar and he's- like -a trans man.

And he's very striking to look it. Becau

wchristian /
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smoke test blead on windows AND get PASSes

1. have a windows 10 pro installation,

  • ACPs as follows: perl -e "use Win32; print join ' ', Win32::GetConsoleOutputCP(), Win32::GetACP(), Win32::GetOEMCP()"
  • 437 1252 437 (that means it is set to use usa language as default)

2. install strawberry perl

3. in c:\strawberry\smoke run configsmoke

  • accept defaults, except:
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79949 Conventional
7213 Tax Credit
2746 Other
419 Student Housing
160 Senior
136 Senior community
132 Condo Sales
108 Student
106 Student property
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Created Apr 12, 2017
CSS for Stylish extension to make Mastodon brighter
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body { font-family: "Tahoma" }
.column { width: 27% }
.drawer { width: 15% }
.status, .notification__message, .status__prepend { padding-top: 0 }
.status { padding-bottom: 0}
.status :nth-child(3n) {
margin-top: 0 !important;
}, .ui { background: transparent }
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