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I'm not happy about things, not at all. I guess I want to start by talking about the whole Buck Angel thing because- you know -people ask about it so let's get this out of the way upfront.

So for those of you who are not familiar with the situation- who are not very online -the situation is this; a couple of weeks ago I uploaded a video called Opulence and in that video there was a 12 second voice over of a quote from John Waters that was voiced by Buck Angel.

Buck Angel is a trans man which- for people who are very new here -is someone who is assigned female at birth and is a man. And he- you know -basically here's my tale with Buck Angel. Buck Angel is the first transgender man I ever knew-- sorry. Transexual man. He doesn't like the word transgender. He's the first trans man I ever knew existed. Like I found out about him back in 2012 and he made a big impact on me. Like he has this history; he was like the first porn superstar and he's- like -a trans man.

And he's very striking to look it. Becau

wchristian /
Last active Apr 28, 2019
smoke test blead on windows AND get PASSes

1. have a windows 10 pro installation,

  • ACPs as follows: perl -e "use Win32; print join ' ', Win32::GetConsoleOutputCP(), Win32::GetACP(), Win32::GetOEMCP()"
  • 437 1252 437 (that means it is set to use usa language as default)

2. install strawberry perl

3. in c:\strawberry\smoke run configsmoke

  • accept defaults, except:
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79949 Conventional
7213 Tax Credit
2746 Other
419 Student Housing
160 Senior
136 Senior community
132 Condo Sales
108 Student
106 Student property
wchristian / mastodon.css
Created Apr 12, 2017
CSS for Stylish extension to make Mastodon brighter
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body { font-family: "Tahoma" }
.column { width: 27% }
.drawer { width: 15% }
.status, .notification__message, .status__prepend { padding-top: 0 }
.status { padding-bottom: 0}
.status :nth-child(3n) {
margin-top: 0 !important;
}, .ui { background: transparent }
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wchristian / __
Last active Oct 26, 2016
Opera V12 junction browser configs
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Original source for these is:
The buttons also need the appropiate images added to the skin zip.
Also make sure that %PATH% contains the directories your browser executables live in.
if ($sprache eq "DE") {
my $sonder = "";
if ($FORM{'Reifenw'} eq "ja"){
$sonder = qq!<br>- Reifenwäsche!;
if ($FORM{'Reifenwp'}){$sonder .= qq! ($FORM{'Reifenwp'} $diewaehrung/Reifen)!;}}
if ($FORM{'Felgenw'} eq "ja"){
$sonder .= qq!<br>- Felgenwäsche!;
if ($FORM{'Felgenwp'}){$sonder .= qq! ($FORM{'Felgenwp'} $diewaehrung/Felge)!;}}
if ($FORM{'Komplettradw'} eq "ja"){
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Just had this one passed on to me by my brother in Alberta. A friend of his is working in some sawmill in the north of the province and just quit his job because of this incident.

So he's working for his lumber yard that's your're pretty average semi-permanent mill. The whole facility can essentially be packed up in a week and moved to another site closer to the source, as most everything is stored in, or built out of storage containers. My brother's friend used to to exploratory drilling for some company that looks for oil deposits, but he got laid off almost a year ago when oil took a hit. Both operations need people to maintain large moving parts and keep things clean so that they don't wear out, so he was able to transition to this pretty easily.

So three days ago the one conveyor that hauls the single-cut boards starts smoking at one of the bearings. Seems that the meth-heads that are 90% of the employees at this site are not so keen to grease the bearings for the conveyor (he takes care of the larger


Squad spawn rules:

  • vehicles eligible for Squad Spawn are:
    • Galaxy
    • undeployed Sunderer (!!!)
    • Valkyrie
  • a vehicle becomes Squad Spawn by being piloted by any squad mate
  • any squad member can deploy into any Squad Spawn
  • driver's squad leader status does not matter
  • location of Squad Spawn does not matter
View jquery-validation-engine_with_select2.html
<script type="text/javascript">
// This is a workaround for using jquery-validation-engine with select2 for 'required' validation
// Since the _required validator for jquery-validation-engine uses .val() to see
// if there's anything in the input, we can hijack .val() for the container created by select2\
// and redirect it to the value of the hidden element
// jquery-validation-engine throws an error if the thing we're validating doesn't have an id
// so we'll put one on the container created by select2 (that way, the positioning of the prompts
// will be correct)
$('#mySelector').select2('container').attr('id', 'mySelectorValidate');
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