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weberjacob / settings.local.php
Created Oct 23, 2019
Drupal 8 settings.local.php example
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* @file
* Local development override configuration feature.
* To activate this feature, copy and rename it such that its path plus
* filename is 'sites/default/settings.local.php'. Then, go to the bottom of
* 'sites/default/settings.php' and uncomment the commented lines that mention
* 'settings.local.php'.
weberjacob / userChrome.css
Last active Jan 30, 2019
Firefox favicon / pinned tab size for all tabs by default on open. Add a userChrome.css file within a chrome directory in your profile and restart FF to launch.
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* Do not remove the @namespace line, it's required
@namespace url(""); /* set default namespace to XUL */
* Must go to about:config and change browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to 0.