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List of AWS regions where Amazon EKS is available

Amazon EKS Availability

Last updated: 22 April 2020

List of regions where Amazon EKS is available.

Data source:


Availability Region ID Region name
us-east-1 Northern Virginia
us-east-2 Ohio
⛔️ us-west-1 Northern California
us-west-2 Oregon
ca-central-1 Montreal
sa-east-1 São Paulo
⛔️ us-gov-east-1* GovCloud US-East
⛔️ us-gov-west-1* GovCloud US-West

* Only available to US government agencies and organisations.

Europe/Middle East/Africa

Availability Region ID Region name
eu-west-1 Ireland
eu-west-2 London
eu-west-3 Paris
eu-central-1 Frankfurt
eu-north-1 Stockholm
me-south-1 Bahrain

Asia Pacific

Availability Region ID Region name
ap-east-1 Hong Kong
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo
ap-northeast-2 Seoul
⛔️ ap-northeast-3 Osaka
ap-southeast-1 Singapore
ap-southeast-2 Sidney
ap-south-1 Mumbai
cn-north-1* Beijing
cn-northwest-1* Ningxia

* Only available to AWS China users.


  • Great overview of all AWS regions and availability zones:
  • You can query the availability zones of a region with:
    aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --query 'AvailabilityZones[*].ZoneName' --region <REGION-ID>
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