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Last active August 29, 2015 14:08
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# 1. name this file something like `distbuild`, make it executable (chmod +x), and put it in your PATH
# 2. run it and pass it the name of your project, eg `distbuild MySweetGame`
TIMESTAMP=$(date +"%m%d%y") # eg, 070214
CERT_NAME="iPhone Distribution: Your Certificate's Name (And Identifier)"
# where you want your builds to go
# where you keep your distribution .mobileprovision
# the unreal projects dir
UNREAL_PATH="/absolute/path/to/Documents/Unreal Projects"
echo "Unpacking $IPA_PATH into $IOS_BINARIES_PATH"
unzip "$IPA_PATH" -d "$IOS_BINARIES_PATH" > /dev/null
echo "Creating temporary $IOS_BINARIES_PATH/ResourceRules.plist"
cp "$IOS_BINARIES_PATH/Payload/" "$IOS_BINARIES_PATH/Payload/" > /dev/null
echo "Resigning application"
xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v "$IOS_BINARIES_PATH/Payload/" -o "$BUILD_PATH" --sign "$CERT_NAME" --embed "$PROFILE_PATH"
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