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WordPress is_blog()
function is_blog () {
global $post;
$posttype = get_post_type($post );
return ( ((is_archive()) || (is_author()) || (is_category()) || (is_home()) || (is_single()) || (is_tag())) && ( $posttype == 'post') ) ? true : false ;
<?php if (is_blog()) { echo 'You are on a blog page'; } ?>

The only stubborn component currently difficult to check for consistently (across all installs) is custom post type indexes.

wesbos commented Sep 2, 2011

@gavinsmith Ah yeah, does is_archive() trigger on CPT archive?

wesbos commented Sep 6, 2011

Updated it to ignore custom post types


Thanks for this function, exactly what I needed today. I can't believe it's not a builtin!


Very helpful, thanks! However, the is_archive() function covers the is_post_type_archive(), is_date(), is_author(), is_category(), is_tag(), and is_tax() functions, so you can safely remove them. See

The revised function might look like:

 * WordPress' missing is_blog_page() function.  Determines if the currently viewed page is
 * one of the blog pages, including the blog home page, archive, category/tag, author, or single
 * post pages.
 * @return bool
function is_blog_page() {

    global $post;

    //Post type must be 'post'.
    $post_type = get_post_type($post);

    //Check all blog-related conditional tags, as well as the current post type, 
    //to determine if we're viewing a blog page.
    return (
        ( is_home() || is_archive() || is_single() )
        && ($post_type == 'post')
    ) ? true : false ;

toscho commented Oct 12, 2012

The ? true : false at the end is not needed. The function will return boolean anyway.


Does this function register early enough to use it in a pre_get_posts action?

abouolia commented May 3, 2014

is_archive! but what about is_search() ?! even this contains on blog posts


Awesome. So useful, thanks!


How about this:

function is_blog(){
        if ( is_front_page() && is_home() ) {
            return false;
        } elseif ( is_front_page() ) {
            return false;
        } elseif ( is_home() ) {
            return get_option( 'page_for_posts' ); // Returns blog page ID
        } else {
            return false;



Less verbose:

function is_blog() {
    return ( is_author() || is_category() || is_tag() || is_date() || is_home() || is_single() ) && 'post' == get_post_type();

I removed is_archive because I am using custom post types and taxonomies.

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