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Parse the kubernetes manifest in yaml or json, don't care a manifest type.


package main

import (
EPiC-Inc /
Last active July 11, 2022 12:24
Python get output from PowerShell command
import subprocess
from subprocess import PIPE
from threading import Thread
from queue import Queue, Empty
from Queue import Queue, Empty
# This creates a queue object and a function to put properly formatted stuff in it
q = Queue()
wget -O /tmp/
unzip /tmp/
sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/fonts/consolas
sudo mv YaHei.Consolas.1.12.ttf /usr/share/fonts/consolas/
sudo chmod 644 /usr/share/fonts/consolas/YaHei.Consolas.1.12.ttf
cd /usr/share/fonts/consolas
sudo mkfontscale && sudo mkfontdir && sudo fc-cache -fv
miguelmota / notes.txt
Last active April 14, 2024 08:26
runc vs gvisor (runsc) vs rkt vs KataContainers vs NablaContainers
knowledge dump on container runtimes
- image coupled with kernel
- light vm layer
- can run in nested virturalization environments if hardware supports and you can enable it in bios (ex. only bare metal EC2 instances, limits many cloud providers)
- slower startup time
- OCI compliant
- previously known as ClearContainers by Intel
tsaarni /
Last active May 8, 2024 11:42
How to connect to Azure AKS Kubernetes node VM by SSH

How to connect to Azure AKS Kubernetes worker node by SSH

Nodes are not assigned public IP. If you have accessible VM in the same VNET as worker nodes, then you can use that VM as jump host and connect the worker via private IP.

Alternatively public IP can be assigned to a worker node. This readme shows how to do that.

Steps how to attach public IP to a worker node

find out the resource group that AKS created for the node VMs

coco98 / kube-registry.yaml
Created May 2, 2017 16:31
Docker registry on minikube
apiVersion: v1
kind: ReplicationController
name: kube-registry-v0
namespace: kube-system
k8s-app: kube-registry
version: v0
replicas: 1
reachlin / prometheus.yml
Created April 19, 2017 07:06
sample prometheus configuration explained
// For all the confusing Prometheus configuration and
// regular expressions,
// explained in examples.
// Remember, there are default values for each item if it's missing.
// regex is (.*),
// replacement is $1,
// separator is ;
// ,and action is replace
vlasenkov /
Last active December 31, 2023 19:47
win32com multithreading example (python 2)
# win32com multithreading example
import sys
import time
from threading import Thread
sys.coinit_flags = 0  # pythoncom.COINIT_MULTITHREADED == 0
from pythoncom import (CoInitializeEx, CoUninitialize,
                       COINIT_MULTITHREADED, PumpWaitingMessages)
from win32com.client import Dispatch, WithEvents
ivanskodje /
Last active July 3, 2024 12:07
youtube-dl for downloading pluralsight videos

Downloading Videos from Pluralsight


Pluralsight do not permit users to download their videos.
If you are an user of pluralsight you have agreed with their ToS,
and are thusly refrained from doing so.
Use this knowledge at your own risk.

youtube-dl for Windows