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Last active Dec 31, 2015
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Book review about the book "The Dream Nightmare" by Portia Tung

I won this book in lucky dip at Agile Tour London 2013 from Portia and it was the right book in the right situation. Remember a very desperate team, who was not performing as a team and who was doing wrong estimations, and had a late schedule.

Portias book explained the nightmare, the team went through in a very entertaining and playfull way. In the book, as an Agile Coach, it is up to you which decision you make to rescue a situation which I was facing at. Depending on which actions you take, the consequences will vary and you have to justify on the right decision.

Even if you are doing SCRUM for a couple of years, you will learn something new in the book or detect a common situation you had and see which different options you have and you may use them to act next time in a different way. It is definitely a book you can read perfectly on your way to work. And it will definitely make you smile because you will encounter similar situations at work, but now, you can react in a more appropriate way.

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