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Last active Jul 2, 2020
Installing powerline on Mac OSX. The following was done in version Version 10.8.2

Install dependencies

brew install cmake
brew install python
sudo easy_install pip

Add powerline bin to your path. In your zshrc file (or the paths files sourced in zshrc) add the following line


Reinstall MacVim with brew

wm / gist:1664077
Created Jan 23, 2012
iterm2 tmux
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These release notes are for the development builds of iTerm2. The last stable release was 1.0.0.
You'd better sit down for this one.
Marquee Features
- Deep tmux integration!
Have you ever had an ssh session lost because you had to reboot, had a network failure, or the power went out? Are you tired of giving up a keystroke to tmux or screen? Suffer no longer! iTerm2 and tmux are now deeply integrated. By installing a special version of tmux, it gains the ability to speak directly to iTerm2. When you run tmux with -C, iTerm2 will open real, native windows or tabs for each tmux window. The whole state of your tmux session is reflected in native iTerm2 windows. As you interact with a window, your typing is sent back to tmux. Any time you resize a window, add a split pane, close a split pane, close a window, or open a window (with Shell->tmux->new window), that action happens in tmux as well as in iTerm2. Even your window positions and tabs are saved from session to session. For more
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Last active Dec 26, 2015
Upgrade OSX to Mavericks (Xcode, brew, boxen etc.)


  1. Install Mavericks
  2. Upgrade Xcode via App Store
  3. Launch Xcode to accept terms and auto install components
  4. Run the following commands
  • $ xcode-select --install # install command line tools if you have not already
  • $ boxen
  • $ brew update
View toggle_rspec_command.vim
let g:zeus_prefix = ""
let g:bundle_prefix = ""
let g:fdoc_prefix = ""
" Toggle the rspec_command
function! ToggleRspecCommand(prefix_name, prefix)
if g:{a:prefix_name}_prefix != ""
let g:{a:prefix_name}_prefix = ""
let g:{a:prefix_name}_prefix = a:prefix . " "
View icis.yml
# ~/.tmuxinator/icis.yml
name: icis
root: ~/src/
- icisstaff:
layout: main-horizontal
- cd ~/src/icisstaff; foreman start
- cd ~/src/icisstaff; tail -f ~/src/icisstaff/log/development.log
- snowflake:
wm / devise.rb
Created Aug 28, 2013
Overriding the omniauth scope and translating it into a devise scope!
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# Devise Client using omniauth
# ==> OmniAuth
# Add a new OmniAuth provider. Check the wiki for more information on setting
# up on your models and hooks.
config.omniauth :icis, APP_ID, APP_SECRET, client_options: { :site => APP_URL }, scope: 'person,read_only'
wm / decorator.rb
Created Aug 27, 2013
Decorate an Enumerable collection
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class FancyDecorator < SimpleDelegator
def full_name
"#{first_name} #{last_name}"
def last_name_first
"#{last_name}, #{first_name}"
def self.decorate_collection(collection)

A Trello Board

[![Trello Development Board](](

Trello Development Board

A Trello Card

Key binding Action
M n next-window
M p previous-window
M j move down a pane
M k move up a pane
M h move left a pane
M-l move right a pane
M ↑ move the pane divide up (resize)
M ↓ move the pane divide down (resize)
View boston.rb
class Boston < Town
LAT = "30°4′E"
LNG = "29°41′S"
REFERENCE = ",_KwaZulu-Natal"
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