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Update the iLO

  • Log into iLO. iLO will use DHCP to obtain a IP address.
  • GoTo Administration > iLO Firmware and Upload this file
  • Allow it to reboot and enjoy the HTML5 remote console!

Upgrade the Raid array to version 8+

This step requires a redhat based distro, like centos. A live distro may do although is untested.

Put the RAID array in passthought(HBA) mode.

rpm -i hpssacli-2.40-13.0.x86_64.rpm
  • Open the RAID CLI
  • Delete the current raid configuration
controller slot=0 delete
  • Force the controller in HBA mode
controller slot=0 modify hbamode=on forced
  • Reboot and see if the disks in the hot swap bays are exposed to the OS
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