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Sass plugin for Jekyll
module Jekyll
# Sass plugin to convert .scss to .css
# Note: This is configured to use the new css like syntax available in sass.
require 'sass'
class SassConverter < Converter
safe true
priority :low
def matches(ext)
ext =~ /scss/i
def output_ext(ext)
def convert(content)
puts "Performing Sass Conversion."
engine =, :syntax => :scss, :load_paths => ["./css/"])
rescue StandardError => e
puts "!!! SASS Error: " + e.message
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@cjdsie, @Omarfouad. I think you have to make sure you include a YAML front-matter statement at the top of any file (in this case a scss file) that you want to convert.

This is mentioned in Jekyll's Plugin page under Converters: "Jekyll will only convert files that have a YAML header at the top, even for converters you add using a plugin."

For example:

title: stylesheet.scss


body { background: red; }

That seemed to do the trick for me.

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tamouse commented Oct 4, 2013

Front matter can be empty, thus



should work as well.

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homeyer commented Dec 12, 2013

Had to change
engine =, :syntax => :scss, :load_paths => ["./css/"])
engine =, :syntax => :scss, :load_paths => ["#{@config['source']}/css/"])

to support running jekyll build with a different --source flag

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