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Last active Jul 16, 2020
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eXist-db: reinstall dashboard and shared-resources if broken. Run the following query through eXide - or if this fails: the Java admin client.
repo:install-and-deploy("", ""),
repo:install-and-deploy("", "")
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cyberxml commented Mar 19, 2015

Thanks! Fixed "The actual return type does not match the sequence type" errors thrown by view.xql. Used slightly modified version to recover corrupt install by command line on headless development server, replacing internal quotes with single ticks for command line parsing.

echo "repo:remove('')" | ./bin/ -s -u admin -P nothispw -x


echo "repo:install-and-deploy('', '')" | ./bin/ -s -u admin -P notthispw -x

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dizzzz commented Aug 28, 2015

note... @wolf suggestion requires a network connection....

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